Are you a young designer? Have you just completed your studies in fashion and design? Are you looking for a training course in the textile industry? Find out what Ratti can do for you.

Ratti organizes workshops, site visits, ad hoc training projects and internships for young designers.
Its workshops, attended by young people from around the world, are a truly unique learning experience, because they combine applied creativity, inspiration from the past and cutting-edge technologies. On-the-job training provides designers the opportunity to learn how to address the typical problems of the textile and fashion industry, how to choose the fabrics and materials necessary for the creation of future collections, how to achieve operational autonomy and provide the correct customer service: in short, how to integrate a working method into their skills.
Through site visits, young designers have access to the Archives and can observe closely the creative process and the production cycle.

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Looking for Designers – II Edition

The Marzotto Group is looking for 10 young Fashion Textile designers from all over Europe.