Sustainable Technology



Investments in new items of plant and machinery, research and innovation, reviews of processes and work routines, and internal analyses and studies are all levers for improving the sustainability of technologies and processes.

PFC-free finishes / pre-metallised dyes

The water and oil repellent finishes used are PCF-free, that is, they are free from perfluorocarbons that have a high capacity for persistence and bioaccumulation. Printing processes can be carried out without the use of pre-metallised dyes.

Table printing versus inkjet printing

Ratti carried out a study, reviewed by Bureau Veritas, that highlighted the lower consumption of table printing compared to ink-jet printing

Energy saving (TEP/m) Water saving (l/m) Saving of chemicals (g/m)
SILK -19% 4% -40%
COTTON -33% 34% -39%
VISCOSE -47% -9% -48%

Digital Foam, sustainable printing

Ratti is a partner in the Digital Foam Project financed by the Lombardy Region through the Smart Fashion and Design competition, DDUO 3169/2016. The project ended in October 2019, with the creation of a prototype for the reduction of chemicals in digital printing. The partnership reported the results achieved in a variety of communication initiatives; more information is available at the project site

SMART4CPPS, Sustainable and Digital Fashion

Ratti is a partner, together with the Milan Polytechnic, the University of Bergamo and the University of Brescia, in the SMART4CPPS project (Smart Solutions for Cyberphysical Production Systems) funded by the Lombardy Region (Agreements for research and innovation co-financed by the ERDF ROP 2014/2020, Project ID 236789). The project embodies the fundamental paradigm of Industry 4.0, according to which ICT technologies no longer merely support production processes, but are integrated into components, machines and environments. Of particular significance in this context is the work programme relating to Sustainable Manufacturing, which, among other things, calls for RFID technologies and applications for product traceability. (Project website: