On Saturday 14th November the Teatro Sociale of Como is once again hosting TEDxLakeComo, a show born “to spread good ideas”: scientists and successful designers, activists, doctors and philanthropists, architects and mathematicians, psychologists and more or less famous artists are to be expected on stage.

The main theme of this seventh edition is “SHARE”, which – as in the previous editions – is going to be originally declined in 12 brilliants talks given by well-known protagonists from the fields of science, technology, and society.
In creating its programme, the team of TEDxLakeComo started from the consideration that the word “share” is nowadays part of everyone’s vocabulary and lifestyle. Sharing things, experiences, resources, and opinions is at the basis of our civil society. The art of sharing is even more topical today, as the economic crisis has lead to a reflection on our choices and models.

However, the idea is that of leaving already beaten tracks in order to try and investigate unexplored but fascinating possibilities of “sharing”.
Can there be a sharing pact between man and animal? Can geographic maps be based on human contributions to be shared in different ways? Can medicine develop biomedical elements of shared platforms? Can the structure of our economy be re-designed according to new rules of redistribution?
These are only some of the ideas proposed by the twelve speakers on the 14th November.

For further informations: www.tedxlakecomo.com