Ratti and the sustainability in Première Vision


The CEO of Ratti and Marzotto, Sergio Tamborini, will take part in the “Smart conversation talk” organized by Euratex and Première Vision, on energy efficiency.

“Smart talk” is a format of quick and catchy discussion between of tree people, used in Premiere Vision to present a topicThe Smart talk session rolls out under the title Energy management.

Sergio Tamborini will describes the important results achieved in energy efficiency in Ratti and Marzotto, notably in understanding the potential of energy saving, using best-practices and reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and costs.



Thursday, 15th September, 11 am
Mauro Scalia – Euratex
Sergio Tamborini – Marzotto Group and Ratti
Piero De Sabbata – ENEA
The Smart Talks are animated by Giusy Bettoni – Consultant specialising in sustainable innovation for textiles, fashion and design for Première Vision. Founding president of C.L.A.S.S.

Smart Square
Hall 5  – Aisle 5FNorth

Première Vision