Proposte 2017

From 3 to  5 of  May 2017, in the beautiful location of Villa Erba in Cernobbio will take place the XXV edition of Proposte, the world most important tradeshow of furnishing fabrics and curtains.

Inspired by a concept of modern elegance, Ratti 2017 collection is made of fabrics which are unique for yarn, techniques and material combinations.
The combination of metallic pigment printing with other printing techniques emphasizes high-precision and technically skillful manufacturing, to be appreciated in detail.
Traditional designs – damask and cashmere – become macro to interpret a bold elegance, distinctly contemporary, yet with a classic flavour.
Geometries inspired by man’s clothing are macro, too. They are declined both in print, where the contrast of colours is strong, and in the dyed thread, where the depth of the design is given by different fibers, each absorbing colour in a different way.
Natural motifs, such as leaves and barks, are reinterpreted for contemporary effects.
The Jacquard collection focuses on textile research, with unprecedented results. Made with innovative, three-dimensional and irregular textures and with structures that enhance body and richness, Jacquard fabric shines with metal wire and laminate.
Once again, Ratti privileges natural fibers: silk, linen, wool, cotton in lightweight, medium and ultra heavy weights.
Printed fabrics are complemented by a wide range of plain colour fabrics, with a new colour folder: natural colours, mauve, rosette, copper and blue.

Ratti designs and manufactures upholstery, curtain, cushion and home décor fabrics.
Their uniqueness is the result of a perfect blend of state-of-the-art technologies and traditional craftsmanship.
Ratti also creates and produces furnishing fabrics for hotels, showrooms and stores, and is strongly committed to meeting customers’ needs and expectations.

Ala Lario, Stand 25
Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO)