Manufacturing Process



The harmony of Ratti weaving is reflected above all in fabric weft: harmonious in colours and fluidity, as well as in manufacturing quality, for a constant balance between traditional craftsmanship and technological and stylistic innovation, in full respect of the environment.

The art of “building” a fabric

The search for new wefts and new graphics takes the cue, first of all, from fashion trends, and then also from nature and the suggestions of the contemporary world, so as to enrich collections with original colours and patterns, without disregarding the elegant classicism that has been marking the brand since the beginning.

Weaving is a real art, based on which two sets of threads perpendicular to each other are braided: the warp, the vertical one, and the weft, the horizontal one, placed on a frame to form a fabric. The warp yarns stretched on the loom and tied to the rear beam are made pass through the heddles and the reed dents and then tied to the front beam. When the machine is in motion, these open up, so that the shuttle can pass horizontally with the pick.

When this happens, the shuttle or the most current pliers pass from one side to the other of the loom, unwinding a yarn that is pushed and beaten by a reed to bring it closer to the pick of the previous line. It is the sum of these lines that gives shape to the fabric.

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