Manufacturing Process


The manufacturing process between tradition and innovation

The manufacturing process involves the development of projects that regard both internal processing phases and external processes, upstream or downstream of the current industrial context.

With the intent to follow and anticipate the needs of the market, thanks to the support of the European project Smart4CPPS, we are adapting our industrial cycle to the demands and changes required by Industry 4.0.

Through innovations in the manufacturing process, plant control, monitoring, product tracking and product-process interaction, we are creating an efficient Smart Manufacturing model for the textile industry, aiming at making it increasingly capable of merging customer ideas with the finished project.

The close connection between manufacturing process and customer needs

Specifically, our group’s activities are intended for the most important international fashion brands. We provide them with printed and yarn-dyed fabrics to make unique garments, or accessories designed and made to meet specific requests of brands, designers and stylists.
In a process of continuous interaction with the customer/designer, our product managers define the product idea and develop the best aesthetic and productive creation.
This requires active and synergistic collaboration, to give rise to the fundamental phases of the design, processing and manufacturing cycle:
  • Designing the product with the customer
  • Getting raw materials
  • Realising samples
  • Manufacturing

Find the details of the individual aspects of the manufacturing process in the dedicated sections.