Sustainability Report 2018

Established in 1945, Ratti is now an industry leader in the printing of refined and natural fabrics. This is where the infrastructure, primarily the machinery, plays the largest part; innovative and specialized in that sector. It’s in this area that Ratti has assumed a long-term goal towards becoming sustainable in our development strategy.
A tangible sign of this policy and therefore a solid testimony that the making of sustainable value for the people and the environment represents a fundamental part in the Company’s strategy is the new Sustainability Financial Report that Ratti Group have chosen to fulfil. It’s a formal document drawn up to be fully transparent to all stakeholders. Simultaneously, Ratti has now adopted the Declaration of consolidated- non- financial character (DNF n°254/2016) recognised by the Global Reporting Initiative of its most recent edition (GRI Standards).

“Our second Sustainability Financial Statement”, claims Sergio Tamborini, Ratti’s CEO, “represents a crystal-clear report, realized after a model example that wants to highlight the sublime quality of the current relationships of Ratti and their business partners, in a context where you can find true pragmatism in various aspects: economical, social and environmental.”

In addition, “By publishing this second edition of the Sustainability Financial Statement”, Doni Ratti, managing director of Ratti, has stated, “I would like to underline how this report has become, even under a cultural point of view, a substantial time for our company, which is helping us not only to carry out with perseverance and consistency our daily routine, but is at the same time filling us with energy and motivation in order to take on that responsibility for an ongoing improvement.”

With this perspective, more than 20 million euros have been invested in technological innovation, hydro-efficient energy and waste reduction, guaranteeing excellent results both in terms of reduction of costs and the environmental impact. A greater level of sustainability is strategic to the business. Furthermore it is thanks to the participation of all the employees of the company in these areas that it was possible to reach a new added value to the company and its stakeholders.

The KPI and the policies traced in the statement confirm the dedicated achievement of the targets exhibiting a sustainable progression in all of its dimensions; environmental, social and economical. All of this combines with a considerable increase of the shared value accomplished. Throughout the activities respond to ONU’s leaders in the sector. The segments on which the Group’s commitment concentrates, in terms of sustainability, is also analyzed in depth in the Financial Statement 2018:
• The People (uniqueness and talent – the ingredients to success)
• The Process and the Production (matter becomes creation)
• The Environment (Ratti’s environmental commitment)
• The Habitat (Ratti and their revitalization of the area and its community)
• The economical accomplishment and its guidance.

The new sustainable approach of the Ratti Group represents an important challenge as well as a guide to start following an itinerary towards the strategic integration of business sustainability, while keeping targets in consideration to the employees. In return they are asked for full involvement. Professional development, safety on the workplace, nurturing and improvement of the company’s climate have greatly been goals for the Group all of these years. The results and initiatives have been the outcome of teamwork where every idea and project hasve not only given life to an excellent product, “Made in Italy” but the result of all those values in which the Company still believes after more than seventy years of business. It is our hope that this philosophy will be passed on to future generations.

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