Ratti obtains the SERI.CO certification

Ratti has always been careful not to disregard what is becoming a priority for our consumers in choosing a product, a service or a company: environmental issues. The objectives, in this sense, are not simply limited to the heritage defence and people welfare, but rather chooses to unravel along a program that aims to obtain more and more particular certifications.

The latest accreditation that we received, is SERI.CO: a certified system for products and processes, issued by Bureau Veritas Italia, whose primary purpose is to provide the maximum guarantees in terms of production process, textile product and, last but not least, on the chemical / formulated / coloring product for the toxicological properties.

SERI.CO guarantees that the qualitative characteristics of the textile product are for the technological and performance properties and for the eco-toxicological properties. It also ensures that the fabric does not contain or release substances that are harmful to the users’ health.

The art of know-how represents for Ratti an immense patrimony of creativity and craftsmanship and intrinsically must be protected and valued, only in this way a fabric or a print Ratti can represent a real competitive advantage. In an economic and social background such as the current one, it is fundamental for Ratti to ratify itself profoundly respectful of the craft and environmental heritage, ensuring the highest quality of its work.

SERI.CO certification