Ratti certificated OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001

The decision of Ratti Group to continue the certification process has been dictated by a drive to act and implement behaviours aimed at making the concepts of sustainability and welfare increasingly concrete.

It is first of all a matter of business coherence, of commitment and convincing choices that become the inspiration for targeted and satisfactory aims. It is a continuous work, that culminated with the attainment of the OHSAS 18001 certification. It is a result possible only if the company in question perfectly meets the criteria of safety for workers and of quality of the production systems, verified thanks to a careful inspection of the site and through extensive interviews with staff.

The aim of OHSAS 18001 is that of sustaining and promoting good practices in terms of health and safety for workers. This certification allows the Group to develop a policy that protects all those who revolve around the Ratti world, establishing objectives and processes for the implementation of the certification itself.

Specifically, the certification:

– maintains and improves the health and safety management system
– ensures that a policy is adopted in appliance with the current legislations and standards.

It offers not only protection, but also economic and commercial opportunities, because:

– it protects the working environment, going towards a conscious use of resources
– it opens to the possibility to participate to invitations to tender or to call for bids where this certification is a basic requirement
– it allows ever greater economic savings
– it improves the image because of the company commitment

All this is a further aspect of Ratti, a company that has made printing and fabric its strong point: a product in which it has always believed, invested and, last but not least, that it has always protected.

Certification OHSAS 18001