The new Responsible Collection

From September 19 to 21, Ratti is proud to present the third Responsible Collection at  Première Vision Paris.

The new responsible collection by Ratti shows feminine faces that overlap as if they somehow were a mosaic of the human soul. It is a sketch of lines, a pulsing of tones and nuances, a vibration of shapes so that each
face always looks different, in process. They are faces that tell hopes and disappointments, faces in which eyes are lines open towards infinity, with lips that one would follow until the end of the story.
40 articles declined in natural fibers (organic silk gots, organic cotton gots, hemp, organic gots and regenerated wool), artificial fibers (lyocell), synthetic fibers (new life and recycled and regenerated nylon) and responsible leather; these are the numbers of the collection that stands out not only for the creative idea behind the process, but also for the technological innovation of responsible printing techniques. A collection that is first of all raw material becoming the starting point for the concrete realization of ideas, whether these are destined to the world of clothing or of accessories.
Each printing declines two complementary attitudes: on the one hand the search for a calm, essential balance, almost a desire to escape the omnipresent visual frenzy, on the other the need to underline a vivid and performing present time that only a company like Ratti is able to create. Raw materials are a primary tool that allow one to create shapes and volumes, to define lines and proportions. Experimentation and research together with sophisticated processes and printings to create the basis of a tight and close relationship between the creative idea and a production that provides experience and skills handed down from generation to generation.
The faces of the new Ratti collection express the need to save passion and tradition, preserving both of them from ephemeral piracy; at the same time they tell of an extraordinary work that, from one collection to another, takes care of the art of printing by protecting it from stereotypes of modern everyday life. Each woman’s face establishes a dialogue with the next one, their gaze living reality in a deep way, making every nuance and feeling current.

The responsible collection widens the company offer in terms of materials, representing a decisive response to a market from which more and more requests for sustainability and transparency are coming. The choice of a responsible collection is in harmony with the certifications that Ratti has acquired over the years to protect the immense wealth of creativity and craftsmanship of the company, placing an ever increasing attention in the production phases, in order to reduce environmental impact to a minimum.