Ratti for Responsibility

Ratti, in order to meet the needs of a world where sustainability, not only the environmental one, plays an increasingly important role, has presented its new Responsible Collection in Milan. Thirty three items are designated on the basis of natural fiber (organic silk gots, organic cotton gots, linen, hemp), artificial fibers (lyocell and viscose FSC), synthetic fibers (new life, recycled polyester, recycled and regenerated nylon) and responsible leather.

From sketches to moodboard, it is here that the creative offices of the major fashion houses glean their first ideas for their new collections. Ratti has chosen to be on their side with a wide range of fabrics characterized not only by the creativity that emerges from every design or colour, but also by the innovation and research of the printing office, leading us to favour traditional printing over digital. This is not only the best expression and execution of the creations, but it is above all, the less environmentally impactful technique. To this, abstinance of metallic dyes and PFC are omitted.

If it is true that each step is able to influence and determine how much the environmental impact will be on the creation of a garment as well as an entire collection, the fabrics of the Responsible Collection move in this direction. Representing a concrete step towards sustainability and transparency, this new Ratti Responsible Collection beats in unison with the certifications that the company has obtained over the last few years to protect workers, their experience as well as immense wealth of ideas and creativity. Only by placing an increasing attention to every stage of printing and production can the company minimize the impact on the environment.