The new Responsible Collection

23 items created from 4 natural fibers (organic silk gots, organic cotton gots, linen and organic linen gots, hemp), 2 artificial fibers (lyocell and cellulose acetate greencel) and 2 synthetic fibers (new life and econyl); The new Responsible Collection by Ratti, a collection strong in technological innovation and printing techniques certified by the Bureau Veritas in compliance with the norm ISO 14021:2016.

A collection that is above all raw material, the starting point for the concrete realization of ideas. Raw material as a key instrument to realize forms and volumes, to define lines and proportions. Experimentation and research together with processes and with sophisticated printing techniques, puts the basis of a tight and close relationship between the creative idea and the production that provides experience and skills from generation to generation.

The responsible collection thus widens the company’s offer in terms of materials, representing a firm and decisive response to a market demanding more and more sustainability and transparency. The choice of a responsible collection is in harmony with the certifications that Ratti has acquired over the years to safeguard the immense wealth of creativity and craftsmanship of the company, placing ever increasing attention to all production phases in order to reduce environmental impact to a minimum.