Ratti @Proposte with two new collections: Home Decor and Home Textile

On the occasion of the 30th edition of Proposte, Ratti presented two new collections dedicated to the world of furnishings: Home Decor and Home Textile.
Home Decor is a new collection of finished products for the home. Cushions, plaids, linen mats, colorful sea sponges, American sets and tablecloths inspired by the Bianchini-Ferrier archive with exclusive double-sided prints.
While Home Textile is the collection of furnishing fabrics that has “inhabited” Ratti for thirty years, always evolving, to deepen technical and aesthetic research with determination.

Technical innovation, this year, has brought two extraordinary products.

It is a jacquard design which differs in the weaves of the motifs, some of which will be “overprinted”. This technique allows not only to enhance the jacquard design but also allows for greater richness in the use of colour. It is a process that allows you to give “depth” and richness to the fabric.

Ratti has always been known and represents a unicum for the hand printing of pigments on velvet and linen mainly. On the occasion of the development of this collection, a process began which, by working the metallic pigments that embellish both the damasks and the essential geometries, creates relief and light. Alongside this, the work continued with colored pigments, sometimes mixing them with metallic ones, ending up with a project with transparent pigments that work above all on relief. Today, on the occasion of the fair, Ratti presents the “PIGMENTS CÉRAMIQUES” which have a different appearance and luminosity from other pigments, while maintaining all the technical performances unaltered.

Home by Ratti is a broad and transversal proposal. It is an offer that allows you to fully experience the here and now, with an idea conceived in its entirety in which materials, patterns and manufacturing techniques can live individually or in harmony for the mise en place of the table, the complete set of a bed or even a living space, characterized by a strong emotional as well as tactile charge.Pu