Ratti partner of Accademia Costume e Moda

Also in 2023, the partnership between Ratti and the Costume and Fashion Academy of Rome and the Master Fabrics Innovation Design course continue.

The project, which involved 7 students of different nationalities, started from a precise brief launched by the Ratti style office, which asked for an investigation into the past of one’s culture, highlighting how this could have had a creative development that could be translated into a proposal for printing or jacquard within a collection.

Among all the works, the following were selected: Eloise D’ aprile who presented a project entitled “Fernwhe” focused on the classic themes of Greek mythology and then outlined them in a series of refined and contemporary toile de jouy.

The other selected project was “Kuba/Hawai” by Micheal Irabor who, starting from the indigenous African culture, was able to find parallels with the Hawaiian one by depicting each element with a series of brightly colored all-overs.

Ratti and Accademia Costume Moda together to rethink the school as an environment in which students can, on the one hand, develop the skills necessary to face future work challenges and on the other to satisfy that need to recognize and affirm the value and talent of individuals.

Below are the images of the 2 selected projects and the presentation of the works.