Ratti on Amazon and Alibaba with XChannel

In the first two quarters of 2021, XChannel, a consulting company in Italy specializing in marketing and cross-channel communication strategies, optimized Ratti’s landing on the Amazon and Alibaba marketplaces for the Wax fabric collection.

On the Amazon portal, the company helped Ratti to implement the presence of the Wax proposal in the main European countries and in the United States, already present in the Made in Italy showcase of Amazon.

The synergy between Ratti and XChannel, two realities moved by the same cardinal principles, has brought important results. Both Ratti and the consulting company have always placed the needs of the consumer at the center of their approach, be it an end customer or a distributor. In this way they can offer increasingly innovative experiences in order to create an effective and efficient customer experience.

Along with the restyling of the product pages, the Store Brand was also updated for each marketplace.

The importance of having a showcase in the Amazon marketplace is essential to have a concrete impact on sales: the Ratti Store Brand for Italy had an incidence of + 37% on the total sales of the account.

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