Antonio Ratti exhibition

Exhibition: Antonio’s Dream – A Journey Through Art and Textile

An exhibition tracing the work, life and passions of  our founder Antonio Ratti: art, culture and entrepreneurship return to the territory, reactivating and enhancing a public location of great interest for the city.

Knowledge of the past generates new ideas and creates new forms of beauty. — Antonio Ratti

In Como from October 10th 2021 until January 31st 2022, the Antonio Ratti Foundation presents the exhibition Antonio’s dream: a journey through art and textile, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Annie Ratti and Maddalena Terragni. An exhibition project which reunites the vision and history of Antonio Ratti from his place of origin, to the city where his idea of   business culture developed, leaving a precious legacy which is still very much alive. Intertwining ancient textile research, contemporary works of art and archival materials, the exhibition traces the life, work and vision of the industrialist and patron Antonio Ratti, one of the great entrepreneurs who, together with his company Ratti S.p.A. Società Benefit, reinvigorated industrial Italy. The third exhibition dedicated to Antonio Ratti – after the one at Palazzo Te in Mantova in 2017, and at the Baths of Diocletian in Rome in 2018 – Antonio’s dream: a journey through art and textile, further deepens the vision and history of the entrepreneur, expanding the project and communicating directly with the places where he lived and worked all his life. The journey through the exhibition is divided between public and private spaces of great interest and the headquarters of the Foundation, created by Ratti in 1985, where his textile collection is still kept today. Works created specifically for the occasion help to create a cohesive visual relationship between artistic research, ancient fabrics, the story of Antonio Ratti and the interior and exterior spaces of the exhibition. His idea comes alive again: that experience and knowledge, art and experimentation are fundamental tools to understand one’s time and generate new ideas. The exhibition is hosted in the halls of Villa Olmo and Villa Sucota, in their parks and in other places in the city, creating a network between focal points of the cultural fabric of Como.

The exhibition is an opportunity not only to tell the life and story of a visionary entrepreneur, but also to further the idea he sought and supported of the dissemination and sharing of cultural values.

10 October 2021 – 31 January 2022

Villa Olmo Villa del Grumello Villa Sucota –  Kilometer of Knowledge Como

Curated by  Lorenzo Benedetti, Annie Ratti and Maddalena Terragni

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