Ratti – leading producer of italian fabrics

When it comes to fashion, style and fine fabrics, you cannot help but think of the Ratti Group. In producing its Italian fabrics, the Como-based company combines the talent of its master craftsmen with the best Made in Italy production practices, resulting in fabrics of refined elegance of which creativity and aesthetic taste are essential elements.

With its 5 million metres of fabric, the Ratti Group is one of the leading producers of fine Italian fabrics, making it an essential partner, not only of the major international fashion houses – who come to Ratti for its famous Italian fabrics, but also of all who are users of digital technologies and want to select their Italian fabric online.

Silk the italian fabric par excellence

Looking at specific product among the Italian fabrics for which Ratti is reknowned, the first example has to be silk with its variations in satin, chiffon or duchesse: all fine fabrics which, precisely because of their unique characteristics, are intended for the world of high fashion with its unique creations.

This is an exclusive world, in which the great tradition and experience of the Ratti group become essential elements for the creation of exclusive clothes in which Italian fabrics play a key role. With their lightness, three-dimensionality and, last but not least, with their patterns and colours, they enhance perfectly the female figure.

The world of wool of italian fabrics

As a further example of how extensive Ratti’s family of fine Italian fabrics is, one cannot overlook the famous fabrics from the world of wool or cashmere: they also are unique because of their type and excellence, and are perfect for the creation of men’s suits or, once again, for extremely sophisticated high fashion garments. Among the producers of Italian fabrics, Ratti’s high quality products for both the world of haute couture and the on-line world, has enabled it to build up a long history of providing a wide range of fine fabrics for a wardrobe that ‘speaks Italian’, regardless of location.