tessuti per foulard

Fabrics for foulards

When we talk about fabrics for foulards linked to the Ratti brand, we are talking about a history that unfolds along yards of  printed silk, cotton and viscose. Elements that tell of pure creativity, technological and productive innovation as well as the beauty hidden behind every fold of fabric, gradually revealing the very soul of the collection.

The fabrics produced for these accessories at the Guanzate plant come in a large number of variations with a strong expressive personality, thanks to the fluidity of the material, the full-bodied liquidity of the colours and the creative movement of the prints, tangible signs of the constant search for beauty.

Foulard fabrics

The rhythm of fabrics for foulards and for women’s accessories in general has a more intense beat. The patterns, graphics and colours always originate from books and drawings in the historical archives, the starting point of classic elegance aimed at seeking a new interpretation of the most current trends.

The designs of the Ratti foulard fabrics encourage admirers to take a closer look and fully appreciate the printing techniques where each sign, with an animated a lively graphic stroke, translates the beauty of this art. These material proposals resonate with the body of the fabric, united with the impact colour has on them in an endless multiplication.

Creativity and quality

In Ratti’s collections of foulard fabrics, the chromatic lexicon evolves from chromatism, bringing desire closer to wonder in order to surprise. This is precisely what it means to know how to create. In this whirlwind of colour, we move from primary colours, that evoke vintage atmospheres, such as powder pink, Bordeaux, blue, and even shades of blue-green. We then reach a creative hyperbole, also touching on fluorescent shades that break the rules in a flash.

A clever mix of fabrics for foulards

The watchwords of these collections of fabrics  are creativity and quality, juxtaposed and mixed together in silk, cotton and wool. All different materials, each enhanced by their own intrinsic features and greatest potential. A wide range of accessories, all created to express different lifestyles, from the most classic to the most transgressive, always interpreted and lived with a free spirit. Each accessory is designed to encourage people to run with their imagination.

The aesthetic of the collections of fabrics for foulards  is characterised by moments and allusions that enhance the consistency between form and material, in a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetic, of creative and technical aspects, always searching for the right recipe to make the perfect fabric.