Ratti select - online

Ratti Select – On line the new proposals

Ratti chooses, through its RattiSelect website, to go beyond the tactile component and focus on the visual one to present a new offer of feminine fabrics with their strong emotional impact.

Three are the lines explored: Ariel, Spice and Alice.

Ariel – It is the story of a summer trip that reminds a free elegance, with prints that evoke lush tropical scenery where red, in all its shades, is the passpartout of this eden. Graphic details and a sea of satin create a relaxed but well-defined allure.

Spice – It is the 90s with brushstrokes of fluo and acidic colors that give a boost of energy to the mood of the collection for a series of fabrics with an urban and pop soul to reinterpret according to their individuality. Freedom prevails over construction as an antidote to the present time.

Alice – A digital immersion in a utopian world, created starting from Lewis Carroll’s drawings, where flowers, paintings and skins make their entrance in a perpetual vortex. It’s a kaleidoscope made of bright colors and fantastic graphisms to break away from the real and give vent to the imagination