The Ratti library is a vital place for the research of our customers, style managers and designers

The Ratti library collects over 14,000 volumes from all over the world and is continuously fed. 

Inside there are rare books, monographs by artists, exhibition catalogs, photographic volumes, studies on color.

The topics are many: decoration, ornamental designs with original prints, schools of painting and architecture, theater and cinema.

 The library also houses an important collection of over a thousand ancient, vintage and modern textile documents, ranging from the mid-nineteenth century to the eighties. Their content is extremely varied: from fabrics for women’s clothing to ribbons, from neckwear to miscellaneous volumes. They are mainly of French origin. In this period Lyon was the production center of excellence for operated silks. 

The consultation of our archives is a vital moment for the research of customers, style managers, designers.