The ancient but ever new art of silk

Living silk is an art, today as always,” this is the goal of the Ratti group. An intuition that has been transformed into decades of work: silk is a vocation for beauty, which becomes a daily commitment and involves everyone working inside the gates of the Guanzate plant. 

Here, this noble fabric finds a balance between innovation and practicality, always with total respect for the mastery of its professionals, environmental protection and, last but not least, Ratti’s founding values and principles.

Silk: elegance in a fabric

In a world built on the pursuit of beauty, in which elegance is a behavioural quality that transforms the greatest magnitude of being, Ratti continues its work of care and enhancement in the use a precious material such a silk.

The silk itself drives this passion, which starts from an extreme attention to detail meaning that every detail is viewed through the eyes of someone who autonomously gathers formulas, codes and aesthetic graphic elements with a strong Italian imprint.

Silk: tradition meets innovation

The Ratti collections use silk to tell the story of dreams, roots and the future in which heritage is not only found in the stylistic choices adopted, but also in the immense knowledge of this natural material as the concrete basis of talent.

Ratti silk embraces painting, embroidery and, obviously, printing, in order to create fabrics that are the fruit of a creative project that not only emphasises the liveliness of the designs, but also the craft behind each creation.

An intangible material, a hyphen between the classicism that recalls archival motifs and the rebellion marked by geometric designs or a new interpretation of the floral theme that takes shape on ethereal cady. Thus interpreted, silk tells the story of the romantic woman, who winks at the narcissism of haute couture without losing her modern and dynamic essence, or the eagerness to express her personality.

Silk fabrics for clothing and men’s fashion

As for the masculine interpretation of silk, the Ratti style office has made headway in the world of fashion and ties, designing fabrics that symbolically break the existing limits between construction and deconstruction. In doing so, silk becomes the medium to express a new beauty, alternating moments of pure creation with the desire to keep experimenting.

Silk becomes the ideal canvas for experimenting with new colours, until achieving a fragmentation of tones similar to the melange effect that crosses the boundary between the classic tie fabric and infinite creative nuances.

The classic motifs of tie fabrics find a new twist in silk, dictated by the vibrant vivacity of alternating chains or, further still, by the presence of modern geometries, iconic objects or simple numbers. Silk prints that enhance the industrial potential of the group, while still showing artisan excellence.