Ratti: when tradition and innovation come together to create excellence

Ratti’s fabric processing is the result of an art that is all-Italian. This is a mastery that is the result of attention to detail, respect for tradition and a new interpretation of fashion trends. The extreme finesse of the raw material is obtained through constant experimentation by the in-house research and development department, together with the most modern spinning, weaving and finishing techniques, to give the fabrics fluidity and a perfect balance between weights and surfaces.

Tradition and research come together to create a fabric that has been perfected over the decades, interpreting the needs of the leading fashion designers, and guaranteeing them a high quality fabric. In Ratti’s collections, classic fabrics, which are the result of weaving, can be found side-by-side with fabrics obtained using different printing techniques such as traditional table printing and digital inkjet printing.

They are all Ratti fabrics, the product of a Group that has made its spinning, weaving, finishing and printing departments the foundation of its success. Ratti fabrics are the skilful result of vast experience of a craftsmanship that aims for technological innovation in the processing of natural fibres. They represent the evolution of a company that chooses to continue manufacturing everything in Italy, directly monitoring the production chain.

Skilful craftsmanship and sustainable production

Ratti fabrics are designed and produced in such a way as to respect the harmony between quality and the production processes within the spinning, weaving and finishing departments. One of the Group’s distinguishing feature is its ‘green’ production, which harmoniously combines respect for the environment with the processing of over 5 million metres of fabric per year.

Ratti’s commitment to sustainability and its strong link with the local area is actually a hallmark of the company, which has always focused on preserving the quality of its fabric production processes. The search for new weaves and textures is inspired first and foremost by fashion trends, but also by nature, so that the collections can be enriched by new experimentation in patterns and designs, without abandonning the roots of elegant classicism that has always been the bedrock of the brand.

A state-of-the-art facility in the world of textiles

Ratti places great emphasis on the combination of traditional and manual craftsmanship in fabric printing techniques, and the specialisation, research and innovation in the spinning, weaving and finishing departments. In fact, the Guanzate plant is a state-of-the-art facility in which all departments are equipped with the most modern machinery in the sector. The Technical Development Centre focuses on innovation in production processes such as weaving, while the Research and Optimisation Centre (a team of chemical/textile engineers) is engaged in the research and application of new quality treatments on fabrics during the finishing process.