Ratti smoke-free workplace

Stop smoking on the company premises

In Ratti, employee policies have always been one of the areas of greatest interest, giving birth to a whole series of projects and plans to promote, among other things, a lifestyle that can contrast, in the long term, the onset of chronic diseases with high social impact.

For this reason, starting from May 31st 2019, Ratti has choosen that smoking will no longer be allowed within the company premises and it will accompany all employees who request it with a series of training sessions organized by LILT (Italian Group for the Fight against Cancer) in which a doctor and a psychologist will explain the damage caused by smoking, providing, at the same time, advice on how to react to tobacco addiction.

Ratti has strongly wanted this project in order to promote a new culture of health, addressed to all its employees, with the primary aim of integrate this awareness not only within the company but also in everyday life. Contributing to reduce the number of smokers among employees, supporting them in their decision to stop smoking and offering them information on deterrent pathways (diagnostic or therapeutic), is done with the main purpose of providing a reference model for a healthy lifestyle.

This new initiative demonstrates how the Ratti policy is not limited to research and innovation on the product, but also on the profound enhancement of human relationships within the Group. The great attention paid to workers is dictated by the strong awareness that centuries-old craft traditions must be preserved and protected, precisely because the group considers the respect that Ratti has towards its masters and their creative art as a fundamental value.