Ratti collaborates with the association Go5

Go5, a non-profit association founded by a group of former patients of the Cancer Institute of Milan, has as its main objective to finance projects and initiatives to accompany and follow the patients of the institute, helping them to solve the problems that could arise with the disease and trying to make their path lighter.

Among the projects espoused by Go5 this year, there is “Il Filo d’Arianna”: an initiative conceived in collaboration with a team of psychologists and oncologists from the National Cancer Institute and dedicated to women affected by metastatic cancer at breast, to help them find the balance necessary to continue to lead a normal life.

Ratti actively participated in the project by making available its own fabrics that were used by the inmates of the high security department of Vigevano in collaboration with Caritas to make bags, turbans and other accessories designed by Helen Field. The proceeds were donated to the association.