Ratti assumed the status of a Benefit Company

Ratti’s sustainable strategy has always been based on the constant enhancement of the craftsmanship of its professionals, as well as on investments in technology and research with the primary aim of being able to operate in a responsible, sustainable way.

In compliance with this policy, on May 17th 2022, through a resolution of the extraordinary board meeting, Ratti assumed the status of a Benefit Company. Being a Benefit Company means not only meeting the legal obligations relating to the environmental impact and the protection of the workers, but also adopting those responsible behaviors, which have a positive impact on society, territories and, last but not least, on the environment, always placing attention to the value transmission to future generations, with the awareness that this choice will represent an important moment of growth and responsibility for us and for all those who believe in Ratti.

Our commitment is aimed at:

  • Contribute to the protection of the environment, spreading a culture of attention to it, as well as promoting the development of an environmental management system for the organization.
  • Promote training and growth of the skills and potential of the individual, together with the development of a corporate social responsibility system adopted by the company.
  • Promote social and cultural initiatives, also through collaboration with businesses, communities, institutions and associations on topics of mutual interest in the field of innovation and research.

Commitment, ethics and sustainability are part of our history.  Becoming a Benefit Company strengthens Ratti’s commitment to responsible growth, demonstrating that, for us, sustainability is a vision that guides decisions and behaviors, a concrete commitment that strengthens confidence in the future towards the creation of a sustainable and responsible system.