Looking for designers

Discover the five protagonist of the second edition.

The second edition of “Looking for designers” will end in March: the project, created by Marzotto Group and Ratti, aims to promote young talents in the field of textile and graphic design.

The selection of curricula and of portfolios sent by young candidates of different nationalities  took place with the collaboration of Giulia Pivetta, journalist and teacher at the Domus Academy, coordinator and tutor to the realization of this project.

Five are the protagonists, very young designers selected

c/o Ratti S.p.A.

Mateo Velasquez Largo (Colombia), Central Saint Martin’s, Londra-UK

Erika Riciniello (Italy), Accademia Costume e Moda, Roma-IT


Celestina Vinci (France), Central Saint Martin’s , Londra-UK


Abigail Eggett (England), Falmouth University , Falmouth-UK


Heta Vajavaara (Finland), Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espo-Finlandia

If it is natural to think of clothes or of a design object as the reflection of the needs of people and of society, “Looking for Designers” aims at giving fabric the same value. The theme proposed to the students was nomadism: a very contemporary subject, a cultural factor and a necessity that needs to be faced. From this common starting point, the students developed an experimental collection composed of 5 different fabrics: printed fabrics, velvet, wool, linen.

Watch the video of the project here: Looking for designers