Fine fabrics, the culture of the handmade

Clothes have always been an expression of the desire to impress, to showcase oneself, one’s individuality and importance. Consequently, the fabric of which it is made must be fine, refined and, if possible, exclusive, all characteristics that are expressed in the excellence of the fabrics, in the variety of the colours and patterns, as well as in the line and in the craftsmanship, which must be of the highest order.

The fundamental element that distinguishes custom-made clothes from off-the-peg is undoubtedly the personalised paper pattern, created ad hoc by the tailor, and the fine fabric that is selected to give shape to the idea. This is an art practised by those who have perfectly mastered the craft in order to transfer the excellence of the fabric to the garment, recreating the charm of made-to-measure clothes.

Once a client experiences the world of the handmade, the fine fabrics gathered in bunches or on bolts, the needle, the thread and the skill of the hands of the tailor, they will find it hard to do without it. This is a world to which we remain faithful, a world that represents one of the last bastions in which the care for the fabric, the design and then the creation of the garment remain bound to the art of the tailor.

A fine fabric for each stylish suit

The suit remains par excellence the most refined clothing for a man, provided that the line, colour and fabric are right and appropriate for the occasion, the time of day, the season or the weather. When you decide on a suit, you must not make compromises: from the natural line that will show the figure in the best light, to the fine fabric, an essential element for obtaining an impeccable result.

From among the types of fine fabrics, Carnet recommends:


White lines on a blue background still remain a classic par excellence. Considered the fine fabric symbolic of the businessman, of finance and politics. For this reason the choice of this fabric can always be found in Carnet’s bunches and in the collections presented by fashion houses.


Also known as salt and pepper, this fine fabric is another classic for making suits in shades of grey or dark blue. More sober than a striped fabric, pinpoint is considered suitable for every occasion.

Solid colour

Solid coloured worsted fabrics are generally available in every shade of colour and are chosen based on the use that will be made of the suit. To avoid mistakes and to opt for a jacket/trousers suitable for year round use, it is preferable to choose medium weight fabric and preferably opt for dark colours in shades of grey.

Prince of Wales

The classic Glen Check is a checkered motif that originated in Scotland to identify membership of a clan by means of a design. Although considered a fine fabric, this type of fabric is not suitable for making a “business” suit but remains more appropriate for sportswear to be worn during leisure time. The fine fabrics offered in the collection by Carnet all clearly bear the ‘Made in Italy’ hallmark, a characteristic which at the same time encompasses romance, wise elegance and a sense of style typical of a brand like Carnet.