In 2020, Ratti, always faithful to the corporate values that find their most excellent expression in the union of heritage and innovation, as well as of craftsmanship and quality, reaches the important milestone of seventy-five years of activity.

Founded in 1945 by Antonio Ratti, the Group is still carrying out its production activities today, working with passion to weave and print fabrics and accessories appreciated for their style and creativity by the most prestigious fashion and design houses in the world. The experience and excellence achieved are the result of day-to-day work that unites present and past in a hallmark of continuity as well as in a way of being and thinking that have enabled Ratti to span times and fashions to specialise, not only in the art of printing, but also in the understanding of fibres.

The 75 years of the Ratti Group confirm how innovation drinks at the well of tradition, making the message of its founder very much up-to-date: “To live silk is an art, today just as yesterday” because materials, creativity and talent are the key to understanding this important milestone, giving it new lifeblood.