Proposte fair XXVI edition


Primary colors declined in multiple shades, thanks to rigorous fabrics nevertheless enriched by suggestions and refined references

Villa Erba Cernobbio, 2 May 2018 Building in the certainty: this is the starting point, the movement of the new Ratti D collection expressed through natural fibers such as silk, linen and cotton. Fabrics that do not want to furnish, but to tell the experience of those who know the codes of style, to experiment and express themselves each time through a color palette of infinite variations. A refined collection, born without an obvious inspiration, if not the color itself, with all its variables even the most hidden, in which each fabric is presented in the highest and most sophisticated form. The technological and ecofriendly inclination, combines with a pure style that has always lived in balance and alchemy. Suggestions and references, where nothing is left to chance, where everything is at the service of the fabric for a collection full of energy and of unquestionable quality, which only the great tradition allows them to be transformed into unique and timeless prints. Jacquard fabrics reinterpret lines and volumes, symmetries and peculiarities, rediscovering a new life thanks to three-dimensional and irregular structures that highlight the body and richness of the plot.

Ratti D – Furniture Division

The Ratti Group, which is part of the Marzotto Group since 2011, is one of the most important industrial companies in luxury textiles worldwide. We are specialized in the production of fabrics and accessories for women, men and for home. The distinctive characteristics of the company are the pursuit for beauty and the constant attention to detail in every phase of work, with the aim of achieving the uppermost quality of the product.
Research, innovation and experimentation are key characteristics on which the Group has always focused decisively, without ever betraying its identity and roots.
The Ratti D division creates and produces furnishings fabrics for upholstery, curtains, cushions and home accessories. Moreover, Ratti D creates for elegant hotels, showrooms and shops creating unique and refined atmospheres. The peculiarity of its fabrics is the result of a perfect union between industrial manufacturing techniques and artisanship production methods.