Ratti Domus presents the new collection

Natural colors declined in multiple nuances, thanks to fabrics and leathers enriched by refined and evocative suggestions.

There is a new air, the breath of a contemporary, never dormant style, that finds concreteness both in jacquard fabrics and in multiple prints. The new Ratti Domus Collection reveals a sincere aesthetics that refers to natural concepts interpreted according to the inner taste and refinement that have always been the trademark of Ratti.

With more than 400.000 designs, the archive is the essential sap of this collection: a space that can preserve and, at the same time, give new life to a treasure of emotions. It’s a connecting point between the exclusive creativity of the Style office and the requests of an always more demanding clientele.

The aesthetics of the new collection is punctuated by moments and suggestions capable of exalting the proportions between form and material, a harmonious mix of functionality and aesthetics, combined with creative and technical aspects, always looking for the right recipe to create a successful fabric.

Color, sometimes strong and sometimes more natural, marks the beat of the new fabrics. Joint chromatic colors, with incursions into the brilliancy of corals, add a touch of freshness and irony to the classic palette of the furnishing world. The new Ratti Domus collection harmoniously combines a contemporary naturalness with a seventy-year-old heritage.