Ratti at Promotion Expo

Ratti presents in Promotion Expo the first collection of STUDIO.

From 21 to 23 March, Ratti will be present with our stand at Promotion Expo, the Conference-Exhibition dedicated to promotional products, advertising specialities, merchandising, business gifts and loyalty programs, taking place at The Mall in Milan.

India, Africa and their ethnic style is this the groove that moves the first Ratti Studio Fabrics: passion and freedom of expression to break the rules rigidity and the old norms, giving birth to an excellent made to measure collection.

The STUDIO collection is the result of a complex work of the creative office that started from the historical silk factory archives in union with the ethnic world to give voice  to a delicate elegance, with a clean style that finds inspiration in today’s movements.

In this way, the fabrics for accessories take on a playful note:  new interpretations of bandanas that evolve from the past to a 3D joyful and colorful structure. At the same time, pictures and geometrical shapes  find a more delicate way of expression, far from the exacerbation of being fashionable at all costs.

The new fabrics of the STUDIO collection, appear as a couture reinterpretation in which the identity of the individual prevails approval. A wide combination of opposing emotions  that are characterized by a series of optical thoughts and soft cashmere, where each fabric captures and blends colors to create a new sophisticated style.

This collection endorses  the experience in craftsmanship, artisanship and continuous research and development (R&D) of Ratti, proposing fabrics and prints with a unique style for a  multicultural clientele, becoming precious accessories derived from the freedom of expression.

Stand B50
Promotion Expo,
The Mall Milano, Porta Nuova