S/S 2020 men’s collection

From 5 to 7 February Ratti will be present at Milano Unica, the Italian textile trade fair. A not to be missed event to discover the new R Uomo S/S fabrics collections.

The new Ratti Uomo Spring / Summer 2020 shirt collection is designed for a man who is an environmentalist, close to nature; the soul is ethical and ecological. Weaves play on the realization of our prints. This is our company’s technical heritage with over 400,000 exclusive creations in our archive. The high definition and fineness of the drawings permit the ability to create material effect while working on lightweight cotton fabrics, linen and mixed linens, or even more fluid fabrics in cotton and viscose.

A journey into memory, into the elegance of the past, arriving at a fixed point in the unstable equilibrium of the present. Formal and eccentric, two extremes touching each other and giving shape to the courage of “being and of being there.” A collection poised between the beauty of formal geometric patterns and the endless repetition of a subtle figurative art, creating unexpected shapes and sizes, leading to the explosion of black / white photographic effects contaminated by pop colors.

The typical geometric lines of the necktie are reinterpreted, giving life to nonconformity as a declaration of self; the uniqueness of different voices. The new cloths of the Ratti shirt collection provides fans the opportunity to express their distinction and uniqueness in a world where “being” so is complicated. The energy of summer conveys vivacity to the fabrics through the evocative power of color and design. The palette is powerfully fresh, ranging from classic blue and pastel colors, to new horizons under the banner of a new chromatic alphabet.

An essential summer color, blue, is proposed in a series of shades that evolve from the aristocrat to the pictorial; passing from blue workwear to a decidedly more subtle hue. Blue, accompanied by marine designs, micro objects or endless lines, becomes a tool to introduce a new vision of fashion; evocative of different atmospheres, for a new vision of the world of shirts.

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