S/S 2020 women’s collection

From 5th to 7th February Ratti will be present at Milano Unica, the Italian Textile trade fair. A not to miss event to discover the S/S fabrics collections for womenswear.

The new fabric of the R Collection, evokes an imaginary journey in Ratti’s memory, amongst the books and drawings of the archive, while rediscovering the hidden beauty in the fold of the cloth revealing the creative soul of the company.

In the new S/S 2020 collection, classical values of Ratti remain uchanged. A mirad of meters of silk, cotton, viscose, as well as overprinted jacquard, unravel to tell the story of flowers, in all their expressions. The designs flow from painting to graphic, from botanical to allover classics of the 50’s while heralding back to the “documents” of the Elizabethan Era.

From the world of ties and men’s furnishings, emerge endless checks and microdesigns, as the essence of the creative team translates these signs into jacquards with a strong relationship between design and the cloth. Watery fluidity is also discovered in the naive, Japanese or surrealist-inspired elements that mix and merge in support of a different interpretation of the cloth. Finally, the section dedicated to graphic sports is sprinkled with macro tennis rackets, canoes and golfers, formerly though of as classically elegant now making them modern.

The new S/S 2020 R Collection favours the dynamism of fashion and the continued quest for pleasure. It is a reflection of the love of beauty, true creativity and self realization.

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