Carnet at Milano Unica

Carnet, a company that embodies the idea of Made in Italy and which acts as main partner for the most important fashion ateliers around the world for the excellent quality of their fabrics and services, will be joining for the first time, with their own booth, the 28th edition of IdeaBiella at the MilanoUnica trade fair.

On this occasion, Carnet will propose a fully Italian collection made of fabrics born from freedom of invention, a touch of eclecticism and the elegance of classic fashion, an essential feature of the brand.

“Style is a personal inclination” – says Alessandro Colombo, Carnet’s director. “For this reason, Carnet, while conserving the tailoring legacy of our tradition and reinforcing their services already appreciated on the market, will make available to their clients a new collection of fabric samples which are the result of all the values in which the company still believes in nowadays. “

The first attendance to such a prestigious event represents a turning point in the brand’s history and a new and fresh push towards excellence in manufacturing, which is supported by a mix of cultural and craft knowledge.
Carnet’s aim is to give shape to a new model of style and elegance which clearly comes back in any fabrics from the new collection. By being present at IdeaBiella, Carnet looks to the future to produce, supply and sell, even online, a new and exclusive product line intended for fashion houses, contemporary tailors and anyone aspiring to have in their wardrobe a unique tailor-made piece of clothes, which stands out for its timeless and sober elegance and brings the male figure back to the essence of style.