In occasion of the new edition of Convivio, the most important Italian charity market in the fashion world, Ratti participates with its bandanas representing the themes of the Convivio logo, worn by volunteers and put on sale from June 6th to 10th 2018.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to be part of this – says Doni Ratti, president of the company – when it comes to charity the words are too many while the contributions become essential “.

In Ratti, we have always tried to put people before each aspect, nourish talents, cultivating ambitions and trying, in every way, to make our workplace a familiar one. It would be absurd, in fact, to talk about style, elegance and quality of Ratti’s prints, leaving out instead the human touch behind each fabric. For these reasons, Ratti is besides Convivio with 2.500 themed bandanas. We depend on each other in many ways, so that we can no longer live in isolated communities, but we must share, the good fortune we wish. Although Italy is going through a moment of demanding economy and social life, it is no longer possible to pursue selfishly believes without caring about the other’s needs. Convivio represents, once again, a turning point: 5 days of solidarity shopping with the aim of raising funds to never stop bravely dealing with a delicate issue such as fight against AIDS.

The funds raised during the Convivio period will be given to ANLAIDS, a section of Lombardy that has been operating in the region for over 30 years, supporting research and prevention, social-health assistance and not just for a moment, to keep alert on the problem alive of the spread of the virus.

convivio bassa