Ratti opens their doors to students of “International Practicum”

The story that makes Ratti a leader in printing fine fabrics is the result of many values ​​that go along more than 70 years of history; a push towards manufacturing excellence, originating from a complex of cultural and craft knowledge that, since 1945, has outlined a new model of style and elegance. Ratti promotes and supports the quality that returns in every single design, as evidence of a successful combination of craftsmanship and technological innovation, against the background of a strong goal of sustainable growth.

From the beginning, Ratti has worked with passion and the excellence achieved is the result of continuous work and a true way of thinking. For these reasons, Ratti believes and invests in the younger generations trying to discover and collaborate with students from different international universities, in order to foster cross-cultural growth.

Start in this way the collaboration with the Department of Economics of the Insubria University, in particular with the international project “International Practicum”, now at its 4th  edition, under the patronage of the Lombardy Region, which sees the students of the same university as protagonists and foreign students from the Business School of J. Moores University of Liverpool (United Kingdom) and the University of International Business of Almaty (Kazakhstan).

This is a project that Ratti has decided to support with the aim to promote new business ideas and the process of internationalization of the company in an increasingly competitive landscape, where the skills of the academic world merge with the industrial reality.
A team of students of different nationalities will work alongside Ratti management, for 7 months, on a challenging internationalization project in the e-commerce field.
Two worlds, Ratti and schools, which in recent years have often encountered giving life to ideas and projects made of stories, talents but, above all, people united by a common path which represents a small part of the journey. Culture of printing, art and know-how to express the requirements of knowledges and high prestige that have made Italy famous in the world.

foto gruppo Practicum 07052018