Arabesque, Antonio Ratti the fabric as Art

Ratti, the Antonio Ratti Foundation and the National Roman Museum, Baths of Diocletian presents “Arabesque, Antonio Ratti the fabric as Art”, scheduled from the 14th of March to the 20th of May in Rome.
The new exhibition is part of a course that started last year in Palazzo Te, Mantua, with the intention to tell the passion for beauty of a refined, versatile character who, by investing in the formation and the appreciation of the fabric as art, has managed over the years to give emphasis to the art of printing.
The exhibition highlights the experimentation and innovation of Antonio Ratti’s creativity, exploring not only the poetics of his passion but also the connection between business, culture and humanistic culture. The story originates from this entrepreneurial experience, overlaps with the narration of the history of fabrics, unrevealing all its folds and letting the close link between art and fashion emerge.

Once again Ratti chooses to side with the world of art, in an unique occasion, the narration throughout fabrics directs the visitors’ gaze towards those elements that have accompanied the life of this patron and accompany them in an introspective and fascinating journey around creativity and talent.