Carnet @ Ideabiella

Carnet, which has always been a byword for Italian quality and the go-to partner for the world’s leading fashion houses thanks to the quality and refinement of its fabrics, has decided to participate in the 34th edition of Milano Unica, in the IdeaBiella Hall. At times like these, we must support and stand alongside partners and customers, because the creative and productive cultures have never stopped and represent a sound basis for addressing the upcoming challenges together.

Two are the bunch in the focus:


Made in italy and flagship product, Corduroy velvet VELVIS (500F – 1000F) of Duca Visconti di Modrone represents, for Carnet, a choice that focus on a clear goal: to create and to develop 2 exclusive bunch made of 36 exclusive fabrics. This velvet is an excellent fabric, synonymous of style and Italian cultural heritage. This partnership is the result of ideas and passion, as well as the the desire to do something special: an optimistic message to spread to the sartorial world and to the young designers who always work together with the two brands.

Narciso Silk

Narciso Silk fabrics tell the story of manufacturing, craftsmanship and the creative refinement of the vast riches of the Ratti archive.  The culmination of all of these elements contributes to the creation of a timeless and sophisticated collection of shirts, dressing gowns, accessories or linings to customise a made to measure suit. This capsule is being proposed, for the first time, by Carnet.  Ratti prints are recognized for their high quality and style as an art form of genius and printing savoir faire