Carnet, division of Ratti group, collaborates with the associations “Tullio Cairoli” and “Noisempredonne”

Business, but not only. Art, culture and, last but not least, philanthropy have always coexisted in the Ratti Group. From the Greek, “love for man”, this term testifies and embodies all those values ​​shared by Guanzate Group, inscribing them in its own creative, cultural and social context to be translated into concrete actions. In fact, the collaboration between Carnet,  division of Ratti and the associations “Tullio Cairoli” and “Noisempredonne” has the aim to create a collection of turbans with the company’s fabrics, at the basis of a fundraiser given to the cancer research of two Como associations .

Founded in 1986, “Tullio Cairoli” association was created to support the operational unit of oncology of Sant’Anna hospital, while the group of volunteers united under the name “Noisempredonne” are engaged in the senology and oncology unit of Valduce, as well as in the radiotherapy rooms of the Sant’Anna hospital.

Deeply rooted in the territory in which it operates, Ratti Group pursues the idea that companies must represent an added value for the reference community, giving life to social projects tailored specifically to the situation while activating, without hesitation, in time of need.