The Ratti Archive

Our knowledge of the past generates new ideas and new forms of beauty.


Knowledge of the past creates the future. Is not surprising, then, that fabrics from the past continue to be a source of inspiration. Very well known in the fashion world, the Ratti Archive is a fundamental reference for product development. The Archive houses all the samples made since the company was established, beginning with the legendary F1 – the very first scarf designed by its founder in 1945. The encyclopedic Archive collection consists of over 400,000 fabrics with their respective original sketches, proof prints and samples, and includes men’s and women’s accessories, apparel, home and contract fabrics.
Fabrics are displayed on open shelves, according to a tree-like classification system specifically designed by Antonio Ratti for quick and easy reference. Ratti protects the originality and exclusivity of its designs with utmost care and in a rigorous manner. Fabric images are digitized. The digital archive contains over 800,000 items and is available for consultation on site.


The Library of Art and Fashion

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fondazione Antonio Ratti