Family Day at Ratti.
A Saturday feast,
celebrated by everyone together.


Family Day at Ratti. A Saturday feast, celebrated by everyone together

Ratti’s “Family Day”, organized to celebrate the company’s 70 years of business and the 100 birthday of its founder, Antonio Ratti, was held on Saturday, September 12th. An enjoyable, playful and touching day during which the company opened its doors to employees and their families, totaling over 1,600 people.

During the day, adults and children had the opportunity to visit Ratti’s offices and factory and get to know in details its creative and production processes, which are part of the company’s daily activities. The feast was accompanied by games, entertainment and a large buffet.
The President of the Company, Doni Ratti, declared: “The world is fascinated by the Italian lifestyle, its uniqueness, its beauty and the quality of its handmade products. For 70 years now, Ratti has played a significant role in this well-known and important legacy. A special thank to our employees: their expertise and creativeness contribute significantly to meeting the need for beauty and elegance. During this feast day we want to share Ratti’s roots and tradition with our employees and their families, in a joyful atmosphere.”
The celebration coincided with “Eccellenze italiane”, an event organized yearly by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, Ratti and Rossocorsa to celebrate and share the Made in Italy values and products with customers and fans.

This year Ratti will celebrate other two key events: the 30th anniversary of the Fondazione Antonio Ratti and the 20th anniversary of the New York-based Antonio Ratti Textile Center.