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Ratti Sustainability Report

Founded in 1945, Ratti is today one of the major players in the printing of fine and natural fabrics; its structures, machines and system are the most innovative and specialized in the sector. Within this context, Ratti has embarked on a long-term path towards the full integration of sustainability in business development strategies.

A tangible sign of this policy and a concrete proof that the creation of sustainable values, for people and for the environment, represents a fundamental element of the corporate strategy, the first Sustainability Record that Ratti Group has chosen to draw up. It is a document written with full transparency towards stakeholders that also have value for consolidated statements of non-financial nature, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 254/2016, also in compliance with the reporting standard internationally recognized by the Global Reporting Initiative, in its most recent edition (GRI Standards).

“The synergy between people and machines had allowed Ratti Group to go through fashion and to specialize both in the art of printing and in the deep knowledge of different fibers. For Ratti Group, states Sergio Tamborini CEO of the Group, being a keeper of the Made in Italy and privileged by the choice of the most prestigious national and international fashion houses, means focusing on a product of excellence in terms of innovation, quality, and style. I firmly believe that in developing this union and for the maintenance of superiority and sustainability considered a strategic lever, aimed at improving economic results as well as reducing environmental impacts.”

In 2011, the sustainability path had allowed Ratti to obtain important certifications, all of them reported in the first Sustainability Record SA8000 for social responsibility, ISO14001 for environmental management, OHSAS18001 for the health and safety in workplaces and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, 2017 e ISO 9001 all testify the strong commitment in all areas in which the Group operates and they represent an important step towards a constant improvement. In this perspective, there have been over 20 million euros invested, since 2013, in technological innovation, energy and water efficiency and waste reduction have given excellent results in terms of cost reduction and environmental impact. The integration of sustainability into our strategic and business plans and the involvement of the entire corporate population on these issues have made it possible to create new values for the company and for all its stakeholders.
Indeed, the KPI’s and the policies outlined in the document confirm the constant pursuit of objectives that permit sustainable development in all its dimensions: environmental, social and economic, with a significant upsurge of the created shared values, through activities that also respond to the drivers of the UN Agenda.

The macro areas on which the Group’s commitment, in terms of sustainability, is concentrated and detailed in the 2017 Group Sustainability Report: the People, (with their “Passion for Know-how”), the process and the product (“material becomes creation”), the Environment (Planet Ratti), the territory (Ratti, the territory and the Community) and, last but not least, the Governance.

“The positive results in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability that we report on our 2017 record are the results of constant commitment and strong determination that drives our daily activity and for the first year we have transferred it in a drafted document.” Sergio Tamborini continues.

The new orientation towards sustainability of Ratti Group represents an important challenge and a guide to embarking on a real path of strategic integration of sustainability in business, maintaining a high level of attention towards employees who, in their turn, we ask full sharing and strong motivation on these topics.
Professional development, safety at work, training and improvement of the internal mood have been areas of great commitment for the Group in recent years. The results and initiatives are the outcome of a team work, in which every idea, print or project has not simply given life to an excellent product, expression of Made in Italy, but is the result of all those values in which the company still believes today, after more than 70 years of activity, and that it hopes to pass on to future generations.

Read the Sustainability Report here


The new Responsible Collection

23 items created from 4 natural fibers (organic silk gots, organic cotton gots, linen and organic linen gots, hemp), 2 artificial fibers (lyocell and cellulose acetate greencel) and 2 synthetic fibers (new life and econyl); The new Responsible Collection by Ratti, a collection strong in technological innovation and printing techniques certified by the Bureau Veritas in compliance with the norm ISO 14021:2016.

A collection that is above all raw material, the starting point for the concrete realization of ideas. Raw material as a key instrument to realize forms and volumes, to define lines and proportions. Experimentation and research together with processes and with sophisticated printing techniques, puts the basis of a tight and close relationship between the creative idea and the production that provides experience and skills from generation to generation.

The responsible collection thus widens the company’s offer in terms of materials, representing a firm and decisive response to a market demanding more and more sustainability and transparency. The choice of a responsible collection is in harmony with the certifications that Ratti has acquired over the years to safeguard the immense wealth of creativity and craftsmanship of the company, placing ever increasing attention to all production phases in order to reduce environmental impact to a minimum.




Our Sustainable Notebook

To maintain out Social Sustainability presence and projects, in December we decided to make a collaboration with Kapdaa – The Offcut Company, to encourage sustainability and make creative gift ideas.

With our latest sustainable projects we were able to manage fabric waste with the following actions:

– Preventing
– Reducing
– Recycling

Kapdaa is an English company that uses fabrics, wallpapers and leather offcuts to create handmade, branded notebooks.

Valuing sustainability, we find innovation in many ways of reusing fabrics, transforming waste in a elegant notebook with trendy prints.

This project aimed to develop a concept where waste is valued, giving life to production offcuts.

You can find these notebooks in our Outlet!