Ratti Italian Wax

On the occasion of the 2020 edition of Scoop, next February, in London, Ratti introduces its new Italian Wax collection. A series of fabrics, 100% cotton made in Italy, that highlight the similarities between the styles, without thereby amalgamating them, to demonstrate that despite differences in cultures there is a sharing of values and traditions.

Ratti’s Italian Wax is the result of creativity, images and techniques that relate to a recent past that makes fabrics one of its cornerstones as well as a symbol of belonging. The stylistic code that permeates the whole collection is that of a fusion of styles, colours and ideas belonging to cultures beyond the Mediterranean. A series of fabrics that can be defined as explorations of a world of bold shades alongside unusual prints with micro and macro weaves and flowers of giant proportions.

Like a modern saraband between play and reality, the fabrics of the new collection adapt themselves as perfectly to the geometries of women’s clothing as they do to the male wardrobe characterised by suits and jackets.

Fluidity and versatility are a must of Ratti Italian Wax, characterised by a touch of the romantic and interpreted through the latest fashion trends so as to offer to a transversal clientele a versatile tool that combines the history of a brand like Ratti, with its heritage and lightness, and the contemporaneity of the new decade of the 21st century.

The new fabrics for beachwear

From November 5 to 7 at Mare di Moda in Cannes

On the occasion of the new edition of Mare di Moda, Ratti Setamarina presents the new fabrics for beachwear proposals for Women, Men and Young at stand 67, in the fair pavillons.

Three different souls for a wider beach collection, vibrant with emotion and with a touch of eclecticism in which materials and chromatic games come together and mix with Ratti’s talent and creativity. In this vortex of colour, there is no lack of attention to sustainability, which has always been the backbone of the Group’s strategies. Sustainable fabrics are the mirror of the certifications that the company has obtained over the last few years to protect not only workers and their experience, but also the immense wealth of ideas and creativity, placing ever greater attention at every stage of printing and production in order to minimize environmental impact.

Aristocratic and sophisticated, but at the same time provocative designs merge with atmospheres and colours that have imbued the culture and creativity that are typical of the Guanzate company. Techniques, gestures and images from a recent past come together in a collection that makes the beachwear fabric itself one of the key elements.
The range of colours is varied, from summer brown to full indigo, with accents and references to the lively opulence of the tonal khaki and the green juice, finally reaching the soft and enveloping atmospheres of corals.

The underlying theme of the men’s collection is a mix of designs and performances for a highly elegant ensemble that does not sacrifice versatility, thanks to the use of light and technical materials that guarantee a natural softness both in the water and when relaxing under the sun.
Undisputed protagonists of the men’s collection are the conversational designs that play and get lost in a tropical forest full of flowers and geometric patterns. The undisputed colour of this part of the collection is blue, combined with turquoises and light blues that soften its seriousness and give fabrics a touch of freshness.

Designed for young and dynamic clients, this section of the collection springs from solid foundations on which a mix of graphic elements, ranging from animalier prints to the geometric expression of the 80s, take shape. They are all fresh, digital 4.0 designs where pastel colours are combined with classic ones to respond to a desire for sunshine and carefreeness typical of the warm season.

Today, to design a collection of beachwear fabrics – says Francesca Lulli, head of Ratti Setamarina style office – means thinking about digital codes and craftsmanship, daily dealing with a world that is constantly changing and that is attentive not only to aesthetics but also to ethics. 

The new R Setamarina collection is exhibited at the fair with a vision of fashion majestic and light at the same time, a vision with which everyone can identify thanks to the electrifying breadth of offer.

5-7 November 2019
Mare di Moda
stand 67
Palais des Festivals, Cannes 

The new deal collection

The evolution of the world of warp and weft

Innovation, yet respecting the over seventy years of history, eco-sustainable printing technology and creative talent that crosses the borders of the Guanzate Group: these are the cornerstones of Ratti that, since 1945, has created and printed its own fabrics on a texture made of elegance and absolute quality. The deep knowledge of the subject, together with the extraordinary synergy between the territory and its resources, as well as the avant-garde production, have allowed Ratti style office to present, on the occasion of the new edition of Premiére Vision, “New Deal” the evolution of the world of warp and weft.

New Deal makes the idea of printing yarn dyed designs on wool concrete, elevating it to a futuristic level, thus offering an infinite range of possibilities that have no limits, be those creative, linked to timing or more simply of meters (from less than a meter to more important orders). With New Deal, Ratti combines its art of printing with a constant dialogue with the world of fashion ateliers, mixing experimentation and fashion trends so that they become an important texture for every creation.
With New Deal, the classic archive motifs rediscover an unexpected visual lightness that moves from discreet striped lines to checkpoints of all sizes, full of silent interferences and shadows fading into infinity.  Items more transversal to the urban, biting style also exist, revealing the dynamism of the print emanating from surfaces which are animated by optical or fake jacquard designs. Equally unexpected is the visionary colour palette that alludes to a classic to be discovered, where the warm tones of spices match the blues, while the green dissolves in the gray, combining and coordinating itself on a palette without foreclosure or limit.

Once again, the Ratti style office was able to find a new balance between innovation and concreteness for a collection of printed wool fabrics, thus making contrasting elements dialogue with each other, almost as if they were instruments in an unusual ensemble.

Ratti at Premiere Vision

The new AI collections in Paris

From 17th to 19th September Ratti will participate in Première Vision Paris, the most important world exhibition in the textile sector.
On this occasion Ratti will present the new fall/winter 2020/2021 fabric collections designed for men and women’s clothing and accessories.

Regarding the women’s world, the new fall/winter collection immediately reveals the innate passion for fabrics as proof of dreams, feelings, roots and future. A future where the heritage and the values of the Guanzate Group can be found not only in the adopted stylistic choices but also in the huge knowledge of the matter as concrete basis of the office style talent.
The fabrics of the fall/winter collection tell of a product embracing painting, embroidery and last but not least printing, an art in which Ratti excels. These fabrics are the result of a creative project that not only enlightens the liveliness of the drawings but also the craft behind their completion.
The winter of the Ratti Collection is a light, impalpable one, in- between fabrics retrieving archival motifs, like cashmere, and the rebellion traced by geometric designs or by the new floral, painstakingly pictorial bouquets, that take shape on devoré velvet, cuprammonium rayon with full hands or the ethereal silk cady.
The colours palette ranges from the soft and dusty tones of antique pink, with timid hints of sage green, to red in all its more substantial and material variations, that mixing with dark blue-green recalls the atmospheres of winter seas or of stormy blues.
The new Fall/Winter Ratti Collection 2020/21 tells of a romantic woman, who winks at the narcissisms of the haute couture without losing her being dynamic, eager to build a new figure as only Ratti fabrics can create.

17 – 19 September
Première Vision
Parc Des Expositions
Paris Nord Villepinte
Stand 5R1/5N18

Mare di Moda Miami

The new beachwear fabrics by Ratti

From 13 to 15 July 2019, Ratti will take part to Mare di Moda Miami, the most important event for the presentation of fabrics and accessories collections for beachwear, underwear and athleisure.

Ratti Setamarina division will present as first preview, the new collections of beachwear fabrics, for womenswear and menswear.

Setamarina is a masterful example of an incredible spread of emotions through the fabrics waves with vibrant colours like tonal kaki, full indigo or toffee and elegant combinations of etno-chic or romantic flowers designs.

Young represents a personal interpretation of the digital fashion 4.0, marking a distinctive change thanks to the vibrant energy of the rainbow colors on glittery lurex, mesh jacquard or velvet with clean graphic lines together for a sophisticated melting pot of styles.

Uomo offers a total look declined into varying models extremely simple to wear thanks to the fluidity of cotton and linen, dedicated both to a man with a strong digital personality but also to a gentleman with his natural passion for blue and graphic element movements.

13 – 15 July 2019
Mare di Moda Miami

2000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach
Suite 309

Ratti Domus presents the new collection

Natural colors declined in multiple nuances, thanks to fabrics and leathers enriched by refined and evocative suggestions.

There is a new air, the breath of a contemporary, never dormant style, that finds concreteness both in jacquard fabrics and in multiple prints. The new Ratti Domus Collection reveals a sincere aesthetics that refers to natural concepts interpreted according to the inner taste and refinement that have always been the trademark of Ratti.

With more than 400.000 designs, the archive is the essential sap of this collection: a space that can preserve and, at the same time, give new life to a treasure of emotions. It’s a connecting point between the exclusive creativity of the Style office and the requests of an always more demanding clientele.

The aesthetics of the new collection is punctuated by moments and suggestions capable of exalting the proportions between form and material, a harmonious mix of functionality and aesthetics, combined with creative and technical aspects, always looking for the right recipe to create a successful fabric.

Color, sometimes strong and sometimes more natural, marks the beat of the new fabrics. Joint chromatic colors, with incursions into the brilliancy of corals, add a touch of freshness and irony to the classic palette of the furnishing world. The new Ratti Domus collection harmoniously combines a contemporary naturalness with a seventy-year-old heritage.

Ratti at Première Vision Paris

In Paris, on the occasion of Premiere Vision, from 12th to 14th February, Ratti presents the new fabrics of the S/S 2020 collection.

For next Spring-Summer 2020, the creative team at Ratti took inspiration from the Mexican architecture of Luis Barragàn. The fabric of the new collection, like Barragan’s work, is presented in simple tones, drawing strength from the suggestive colours of nature.

Four main themes: Sport, Romantic Picnic, Urban Army and New Night. Focused on spiritual wealth as opposed to materialism, combined with the ability to grasp intimate beauty of simple things while avoiding exhibitionalism and ostentation. Each fabric is the result of deep inspiration, together with long, intensive work to represent naturalness and elegance. It is a sieve of emotions that restrain descriptive dispersion by focusing on an essential form of expression.

In the Sport section, technical viscose is combined with striped barrè and overprinted jaquards.  In the Romantic Picnic, delicate vichy check and overdyed stretch piquet are the champions. Stealing the scene in Urban Army, denim works in unison with jersey, rather than jacquard hosiery effect. Last, as a “red carpet star”, the New Night shines with iridescent lurex evoking wet, holographic and lamé effect in the cloth.

The new Spring-Summer 2020 is designed for a metropolitan world that, pervaded by greater culture and personality, has, over the years, refined its aesthetic taste and sensibility towards fashion, always seeking authenticity.

Première Vision Paris,
Parc des Expositions,
Paris Nord Villepinte
Stand 5R1


S/S 2020 men’s collection

From 5 to 7 February Ratti will be present at Milano Unica, the Italian textile trade fair. A not to be missed event to discover the new R Uomo S/S fabrics collections.

The new Ratti Uomo Spring / Summer 2020 shirt collection is designed for a man who is an environmentalist, close to nature; the soul is ethical and ecological. Weaves play on the realization of our prints. This is our company’s technical heritage with over 400,000 exclusive creations in our archive. The high definition and fineness of the drawings permit the ability to create material effect while working on lightweight cotton fabrics, linen and mixed linens, or even more fluid fabrics in cotton and viscose.

A journey into memory, into the elegance of the past, arriving at a fixed point in the unstable equilibrium of the present. Formal and eccentric, two extremes touching each other and giving shape to the courage of “being and of being there.” A collection poised between the beauty of formal geometric patterns and the endless repetition of a subtle figurative art, creating unexpected shapes and sizes, leading to the explosion of black / white photographic effects contaminated by pop colors.

The typical geometric lines of the necktie are reinterpreted, giving life to nonconformity as a declaration of self; the uniqueness of different voices. The new cloths of the Ratti shirt collection provides fans the opportunity to express their distinction and uniqueness in a world where “being” so is complicated. The energy of summer conveys vivacity to the fabrics through the evocative power of color and design. The palette is powerfully fresh, ranging from classic blue and pastel colors, to new horizons under the banner of a new chromatic alphabet.

An essential summer color, blue, is proposed in a series of shades that evolve from the aristocrat to the pictorial; passing from blue workwear to a decidedly more subtle hue. Blue, accompanied by marine designs, micro objects or endless lines, becomes a tool to introduce a new vision of fashion; evocative of different atmospheres, for a new vision of the world of shirts.

BPH_9511 BPH_9517 BPH_9522

S/S 2020 women’s collection

From 5th to 7th February Ratti will be present at Milano Unica, the Italian Textile trade fair. A not to miss event to discover the S/S fabrics collections for womenswear.

The new fabric of the R Collection, evokes an imaginary journey in Ratti’s memory, amongst the books and drawings of the archive, while rediscovering the hidden beauty in the fold of the cloth revealing the creative soul of the company.

In the new S/S 2020 collection, classical values of Ratti remain uchanged. A mirad of meters of silk, cotton, viscose, as well as overprinted jacquard, unravel to tell the story of flowers, in all their expressions. The designs flow from painting to graphic, from botanical to allover classics of the 50’s while heralding back to the “documents” of the Elizabethan Era.

From the world of ties and men’s furnishings, emerge endless checks and microdesigns, as the essence of the creative team translates these signs into jacquards with a strong relationship between design and the cloth. Watery fluidity is also discovered in the naive, Japanese or surrealist-inspired elements that mix and merge in support of a different interpretation of the cloth. Finally, the section dedicated to graphic sports is sprinkled with macro tennis rackets, canoes and golfers, formerly though of as classically elegant now making them modern.

The new S/S 2020 R Collection favours the dynamism of fashion and the continued quest for pleasure. It is a reflection of the love of beauty, true creativity and self realization.

IMG_0029 IMG_0063
IMG_0065 IMG_0073

Carnet at Milano Unica

Carnet, a company that embodies the idea of Made in Italy and which acts as main partner for the most important fashion ateliers around the world for the excellent quality of their fabrics and services, will be joining for the first time, with their own booth, the 28th edition of IdeaBiella at the MilanoUnica trade fair.

On this occasion, Carnet will propose a fully Italian collection made of fabrics born from freedom of invention, a touch of eclecticism and the elegance of classic fashion, an essential feature of the brand.

“Style is a personal inclination” – says Alessandro Colombo, Carnet’s director. “For this reason, Carnet, while conserving the tailoring legacy of our tradition and reinforcing their services already appreciated on the market, will make available to their clients a new collection of fabric samples which are the result of all the values in which the company still believes in nowadays. “

The first attendance to such a prestigious event represents a turning point in the brand’s history and a new and fresh push towards excellence in manufacturing, which is supported by a mix of cultural and craft knowledge.
Carnet’s aim is to give shape to a new model of style and elegance which clearly comes back in any fabrics from the new collection. By being present at IdeaBiella, Carnet looks to the future to produce, supply and sell, even online, a new and exclusive product line intended for fashion houses, contemporary tailors and anyone aspiring to have in their wardrobe a unique tailor-made piece of clothes, which stands out for its timeless and sober elegance and brings the male figure back to the essence of style.