Ratti @Proposte with two new collections: Home Decor and Home Textile

On the occasion of the 30th edition of Proposte, Ratti presented two new collections dedicated to the world of furnishings: Home Decor and Home Textile.
Home Decor is a new collection of finished products for the home. Cushions, plaids, linen mats, colorful sea sponges, American sets and tablecloths inspired by the Bianchini-Ferrier archive with exclusive double-sided prints.
While Home Textile is the collection of furnishing fabrics that has “inhabited” Ratti for thirty years, always evolving, to deepen technical and aesthetic research with determination.

Technical innovation, this year, has brought two extraordinary products.

It is a jacquard design which differs in the weaves of the motifs, some of which will be “overprinted”. This technique allows not only to enhance the jacquard design but also allows for greater richness in the use of colour. It is a process that allows you to give “depth” and richness to the fabric.

Ratti has always been known and represents a unicum for the hand printing of pigments on velvet and linen mainly. On the occasion of the development of this collection, a process began which, by working the metallic pigments that embellish both the damasks and the essential geometries, creates relief and light. Alongside this, the work continued with colored pigments, sometimes mixing them with metallic ones, ending up with a project with transparent pigments that work above all on relief. Today, on the occasion of the fair, Ratti presents the “PIGMENTS CÉRAMIQUES” which have a different appearance and luminosity from other pigments, while maintaining all the technical performances unaltered.

Home by Ratti is a broad and transversal proposal. It is an offer that allows you to fully experience the here and now, with an idea conceived in its entirety in which materials, patterns and manufacturing techniques can live individually or in harmony for the mise en place of the table, the complete set of a bed or even a living space, characterized by a strong emotional as well as tactile charge.Pu

R domus: the new homedecor collection

On the occasion of the XXIX edition of Proposte, the Ratti Domus design office was inspired by nature inspired verses of Japanese haiku. The compositions, as well as new fabrics, appear simple at first sight, drawing strength from beauty and colours of the gardens in different seasons.

After a period of darkness, this is a creativity reinterpretation, where nature is on the precipice of rebirth.   Between linen and cotton, each print composes new chromatic values to form an exclusive vibrant range of colour. If haiku can be translated as “the colour of the verse,” the same is true for the colours of the new fabrics: bright red joins aqua green, while pink melts in orange among dense brushstrokes of purple as evidence of that richness. The ability to grasp the intimate beauty and fantasy can only be found in nature such as in these combinations.

Each Ratti Domus fabric, just like a haiku, has immediate, natural beauty, but, in fact, is the result of profound inspiration as well as a long and intense work.  These amazing designs represent refinement and elegance in all its forms. The continuous technological innovation combined with style and design are seen in both the weaving and in the printing phase.  This has allowed us to obtain decisive progress in the fabrics technically, making them more versatile thanks to a combination of performance and comfort without compromising style.

In this garden, the new Ratti Domus collection represents a cultured reflection, not only in sustainable materials, but also in the concept of design as a message of positivity and optimism towards the future.


Carnet @ Ideabiella

Carnet, which has always been a byword for Italian quality and the go-to partner for the world’s leading fashion houses thanks to the quality and refinement of its fabrics, has decided to participate in the 34th edition of Milano Unica, in the IdeaBiella Hall. At times like these, we must support and stand alongside partners and customers, because the creative and productive cultures have never stopped and represent a sound basis for addressing the upcoming challenges together.

Two are the bunch in the focus:


Made in italy and flagship product, Corduroy velvet VELVIS (500F – 1000F) of Duca Visconti di Modrone represents, for Carnet, a choice that focus on a clear goal: to create and to develop 2 exclusive bunch made of 36 exclusive fabrics. This velvet is an excellent fabric, synonymous of style and Italian cultural heritage. This partnership is the result of ideas and passion, as well as the the desire to do something special: an optimistic message to spread to the sartorial world and to the young designers who always work together with the two brands.

Narciso Silk

Narciso Silk fabrics tell the story of manufacturing, craftsmanship and the creative refinement of the vast riches of the Ratti archive.  The culmination of all of these elements contributes to the creation of a timeless and sophisticated collection of shirts, dressing gowns, accessories or linings to customise a made to measure suit. This capsule is being proposed, for the first time, by Carnet.  Ratti prints are recognized for their high quality and style as an art form of genius and printing savoir faire

R Domus – our home décor division

R Domus collections offer an infinite range of possibilities, the result of the Group’s tradition and a constant dialogue with the world of design, where experimentation and design trends become an important plot for each creation dedicated to textile publishers, global wholesalers and contract.

R Domus has also been able to find a new balance between innovation and concreteness also in the study and creation of the customers’ windows, translating ideas into interior design projects through fabrics, cushions and furnishing elements.

R Domus fabrics

It is a secret thread that unites the R Domus collections. A thread that connects the tactile emotion of the fabric to the logic of the taste and needs of its customers. In doing so, the new fabrics are presented in a complete way to meet all needs with a series of proposals to be read as the confirmation of that style and research that has always characterized the furniture division of Ratti.

R Domus fabrics satisfy the classic canons of Italian taste, while adapting them to a contemporary style to accommodate the growing dynamism of the design world and its deep-rooted need to be performing and, last but not least, perfectly beautiful.


Ratti Select – Online the new menswear selection S/S22

Burning man – The basic idea of ​​the new fabrics in the collection is based on the contamination between light-heartedness and neo-hippy aesthetics, in which more libertarian echoes of the homonymous festival are grafted onto the floral vintage theme. An infinite sequence of sun and stars that eludes conformity and gives space to the uniqueness of each.

Archive – It is time to look at the present with a good dose of inspiration, but starting from the origins of the archive to reinterpret the stylistic codes. A leap in time to give life to a new way of dressing and creating a new aesthetic. The collection follows this sap, focuses on a reinterpretation in which original elements fulfill new functions in an exchange of graphics, colors and materials.

Yachting – “..and being shipwrecked is sweet in this sea” this is the opening words of the Yachting collection for an “infinite” game of anchors, life jackets and seafaring atmospheres. It is these elements, with their extraordinary decorative beauty expressed through fresh colors ranging from blue to pastel shades of orange and pink, that build the texture of these new fabrics. A collection that mixes sartorial construction with designs found in naval academies.

Ratti select - online

Ratti Select – On line the new proposals

Ratti chooses, through its RattiSelect website, to go beyond the tactile component and focus on the visual one to present a new offer of feminine fabrics with their strong emotional impact.

Three are the lines explored: Ariel, Spice and Alice.

Ariel – It is the story of a summer trip that reminds a free elegance, with prints that evoke lush tropical scenery where red, in all its shades, is the passpartout of this eden. Graphic details and a sea of satin create a relaxed but well-defined allure.

Spice – It is the 90s with brushstrokes of fluo and acidic colors that give a boost of energy to the mood of the collection for a series of fabrics with an urban and pop soul to reinterpret according to their individuality. Freedom prevails over construction as an antidote to the present time.

Alice – A digital immersion in a utopian world, created starting from Lewis Carroll’s drawings, where flowers, paintings and skins make their entrance in a perpetual vortex. It’s a kaleidoscope made of bright colors and fantastic graphisms to break away from the real and give vent to the imagination


New year’s colors: ultimate gray and illuminating.

On one side, the reassuring shade of ultimate gray while on the other the energy released from the Illuminating yellow. This, the decision of the Pantone Colour Institute, that also this year, traced the path of 2021 essence in fashion, accessories and next future design.

Pantone 13-0647 illuminating is a yellow in its more shining tone, warm and intense like a sunbeam, while pantone 17-5104 ultimate gray is like the colour of pebbles on a beach or those natural elements with their innate resilience and ability to resist time.

The mix of these two colours, only apparently apart, will show how even opposite elements may give birth and express the spirit of the next 12 months of 2021. Concrete and tough months but at the same time, warm and full of confidence to express all the energy and positivity that we all deserve.

Wax Africa Ratti

Ratti Italian Wax – Amazon

Constantly in line with the speed at which the market changes, and ready to offer, every month, fabric previews increasingly targeted to digital customers, Ratti launches a new Wax range on its page in the Made in Italy showcase of Amazon

The new collection relies on precious details to combine the iconographic culture of Sub-Saharan Africa with a future in which new textures and designs tell a feminine world where jewels embellish the clothing of queens and princesses.

It is precisely the designs of these necklaces that are the central idea of the new Wax Ratti fabrics, halfway between tradition and contemporary taste in which nobility blends with an unexpected attitude to rebellion. The result is a whirling blending of floral designs and decidedly geometric features, with a palette imbued with blue, slight touches of lacquer red and marked shades of orange, periwinkle and jade, just like a royal jewel.

Ratti is fashion-conscious and starts a new phase in its collection, which reflects a refined taste as well as the heritage of our made in Italy, successfully expressed by the colours and designs of the new Wax fabrics.

Ratti at Milano Unica

At the 31st edition of MilanoUnica, Ratti is introducing its new collection of shirt fabrics, with each creative detail free and removed from the concerns of this time. Ratti’s new RCollection fabrics stem from thorough research into the historical archive of the Guanzate-based company in a quest for modernity and graphisms that yearn for simplicity and versatility.

Alongside the classic light-blue tones of shirt fabrics, RCollection tells a story of chromatic contrasts, where the essential nature of black is interspersed with true scratches of seduction through the warm hues of melange grey or dusty autumns colours such as brown, mosses, and purple—resulting in a warm elegance with dynamic appeal. At the same time, the black discovers fresh proportions and stratifications, making space for new geometric and floral patterns.

The fabrics, and specifically cotton and wool, are the hallmark of this new way of interpreting the classic, placing the collection halfway between memory and the present day—enhancing the facets of the modern gentleman as he balances nobility and rebellion. This is the new luxury—a sophisticated simplicity that meets the needs of consumers without overdoing it or amaze at any cost but is always capable of expressing the quality that makes this collection unique.

New Deal

On the occasion of the new edition of MilanoUnica (February 2020), Ratti is introducing the New Deal collections for men and women, in confirmation of its project to carry out the printing of yarn-dyed designs onto wool, cotton and linen, offering an infinite range of possibilities with no constraints in terms of creativity, or in relation to timescales or more simply to the number of metres ordered.

Through the items in the current New Deal collection, Ratti is strengthening further the link between its art of printing and the world of fashion ateliers, interweaving in a single exclusive weft, stylistic research, creativity and contemporary trends.

The new fabrics in the New Deal men’s range have a strong sense of proportion without losing their easy-going lightness. There is no predominant theme in the style of the new collection, it ranges from British touches that incorporate traditional motifs, to designs of high craftsmanship, through to contemporary glamour, all translated into a young and fresh language. The result is a range of fabrics that outline a man who is impeccable but at the same time relaxed and who wears and interprets the check designs, the true leitmotif of the collection, with a completely new freedom and ease.

The New Deal woman plays with the colours that revolve around pink in all its shades and the common thread between the white, blue and red classics, without betraying the brand’s heritage with its attention to detail and its continuous search for an elegance that stands out without falling prey to exhibitionism. The feminine fabrics of the New Deal collection show an intelligent conceptual evolution of prints for a woman capable of being daring with style, as if she were a modern Jackie Kennedy, so that taste, balance and delicacy become fundamental qualities at a time when there is too much masculinity. Once again, the Ratti style office has been able to strike a new balance between innovation and substance for a collection of printed fabrics, capable of creating an interaction between contrasting elements that results in an absolutely harmonious ensemble.