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Fine fabrics, the culture of the handmade

Clothes have always been an expression of the desire to impress, to showcase oneself, one’s individuality and importance. Consequently, the fabric of which it is made must be fine, refined and, if possible, exclusive, all characteristics that are expressed in the excellence of the fabrics, in the variety of the colours and patterns, as well as in the line and in the craftsmanship, which must be of the highest order.

The fundamental element that distinguishes custom-made clothes from off-the-peg is undoubtedly the personalised paper pattern, created ad hoc by the tailor, and the fine fabric that is selected to give shape to the idea. This is an art practised by those who have perfectly mastered the craft in order to transfer the excellence of the fabric to the garment, recreating the charm of made-to-measure clothes.

Once a client experiences the world of the handmade, the fine fabrics gathered in bunches or on bolts, the needle, the thread and the skill of the hands of the tailor, they will find it hard to do without it. This is a world to which we remain faithful, a world that represents one of the last bastions in which the care for the fabric, the design and then the creation of the garment remain bound to the art of the tailor.

A fine fabric for each stylish suit

The suit remains par excellence the most refined clothing for a man, provided that the line, colour and fabric are right and appropriate for the occasion, the time of day, the season or the weather. When you decide on a suit, you must not make compromises: from the natural line that will show the figure in the best light, to the fine fabric, an essential element for obtaining an impeccable result.

From among the types of fine fabrics, Carnet recommends:


White lines on a blue background still remain a classic par excellence. Considered the fine fabric symbolic of the businessman, of finance and politics. For this reason the choice of this fabric can always be found in Carnet’s bunches and in the collections presented by fashion houses.


Also known as salt and pepper, this fine fabric is another classic for making suits in shades of grey or dark blue. More sober than a striped fabric, pinpoint is considered suitable for every occasion.

Solid colour

Solid coloured worsted fabrics are generally available in every shade of colour and are chosen based on the use that will be made of the suit. To avoid mistakes and to opt for a jacket/trousers suitable for year round use, it is preferable to choose medium weight fabric and preferably opt for dark colours in shades of grey.

Prince of Wales

The classic Glen Check is a checkered motif that originated in Scotland to identify membership of a clan by means of a design. Although considered a fine fabric, this type of fabric is not suitable for making a “business” suit but remains more appropriate for sportswear to be worn during leisure time. The fine fabrics offered in the collection by Carnet all clearly bear the ‘Made in Italy’ hallmark, a characteristic which at the same time encompasses romance, wise elegance and a sense of style typical of a brand like Carnet.

GreenItaly 2020: Ratti among the sustainable companies

Ratti has been included in the eleventh edition of GreenItaly 2020, the report on the Green Economy published, as every year, by Symbola, the Italian Quality Foundation and UnionCamere, with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment.

With 77,691 companies, Lombardy is in first place in Italy in the ranking regional by absolute number of companies that have invested, or will invest within the year, in green technologies, “as the best response to the crisis we are going through, thus demonstrating that we can lead an Italy ready for recovery found” as the report itself mentions.

GreenItaly is a report conducted annually on the value of the Green Economy that tells how Italy has been able to take up the great environmental challenges in the field of innovation and research, developing economic value for companies and the country.

Since 2010 “GreenItaly” is an indispensable tool for knowing numbers, territories and sectors of the Italian green economy, but above all to analyze and understand the leading role that Made in Italy can play in the market international by focusing on sustainability.

We will hug again

This year, made of problems and obstacles, let us understand the importance of relationships, expressed through a simple hug or a handshake: all gestures, that before the first lockdown, were taken for granted but now are more like a illusion.

For sure, we will  get back to normal but, in the meantime, among facemasks, sanitizing gel and restricted meetings the only way to express our feelings is through a greeting card, a little thought or a simple whatsapp voicemail. Unfortunately pixel can’t be touch, but technology is useful to let us relive a moment and bring up our memories or emotions.  Nothing is better to strengthen a relationship, but then…we will hug again.

New year’s colors: ultimate gray and illuminating.

On one side, the reassuring shade of ultimate gray while on the other the energy released from the Illuminating yellow. This, the decision of the Pantone Colour Institute, that also this year, traced the path of 2021 essence in fashion, accessories and next future design.

Pantone 13-0647 illuminating is a yellow in its more shining tone, warm and intense like a sunbeam, while pantone 17-5104 ultimate gray is like the colour of pebbles on a beach or those natural elements with their innate resilience and ability to resist time.

The mix of these two colours, only apparently apart, will show how even opposite elements may give birth and express the spirit of the next 12 months of 2021. Concrete and tough months but at the same time, warm and full of confidence to express all the energy and positivity that we all deserve.

Wax Africa Ratti

Ratti Italian Wax – Amazon

Constantly in line with the speed at which the market changes, and ready to offer, every month, fabric previews increasingly targeted to digital customers, Ratti launches a new Wax range on its page in the Made in Italy showcase of Amazon

The new collection relies on precious details to combine the iconographic culture of Sub-Saharan Africa with a future in which new textures and designs tell a feminine world where jewels embellish the clothing of queens and princesses.

It is precisely the designs of these necklaces that are the central idea of the new Wax Ratti fabrics, halfway between tradition and contemporary taste in which nobility blends with an unexpected attitude to rebellion. The result is a whirling blending of floral designs and decidedly geometric features, with a palette imbued with blue, slight touches of lacquer red and marked shades of orange, periwinkle and jade, just like a royal jewel.

Ratti is fashion-conscious and starts a new phase in its collection, which reflects a refined taste as well as the heritage of our made in Italy, successfully expressed by the colours and designs of the new Wax fabrics.

Ratti partner of Milano Moda Graduate

After the success of past editions, Camera Nazionale della Moda has launched the sixth edition of Milano Moda Graduate, the event dedicated to the excellence of Italian fashion schools that was held on 27 September 2020 at La Permanente, during the Milan Fashion Week.

Through the Milano Moda Graduate project, CNMI supports new talents by creating a rich and favorable environment that introduces emerging young people to the world of work, and by offering an important networking opportunity, a platform in which to learn, discuss and get noticed by experts. of the sector.

Among the 6 finalists in the fashion design category: Davide Panzeri (Istituto Marangoni), who created 6 outfits with the fabrics offered by Ratti.

Ratti at Milano Unica

At the 31st edition of MilanoUnica, Ratti is introducing its new collection of shirt fabrics, with each creative detail free and removed from the concerns of this time. Ratti’s new RCollection fabrics stem from thorough research into the historical archive of the Guanzate-based company in a quest for modernity and graphisms that yearn for simplicity and versatility.

Alongside the classic light-blue tones of shirt fabrics, RCollection tells a story of chromatic contrasts, where the essential nature of black is interspersed with true scratches of seduction through the warm hues of melange grey or dusty autumns colours such as brown, mosses, and purple—resulting in a warm elegance with dynamic appeal. At the same time, the black discovers fresh proportions and stratifications, making space for new geometric and floral patterns.

The fabrics, and specifically cotton and wool, are the hallmark of this new way of interpreting the classic, placing the collection halfway between memory and the present day—enhancing the facets of the modern gentleman as he balances nobility and rebellion. This is the new luxury—a sophisticated simplicity that meets the needs of consumers without overdoing it or amaze at any cost but is always capable of expressing the quality that makes this collection unique.

Certificate of Excellence for Creomoda

The Tunisian Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Inspectorate of Medicine and Safety at Work, has awarded Creomoda the Covid certificate of excellence, for its commitment to tackling this difficult situation, reaching the level of compliance in the management of Covid risk -19.

Right from the start, Creomoda scrupulously followed all the procedures required by the protocol not only within the production site but also in the organization of logistics and transport, adopting all the necessary measures to counter the spread of the virus.

The medical staff who work internally at Creomoda and who are part of the Inspectorate of Medicine and Safety at Work, after having examined the situation, drafted a positive report to the Control and Health Organization of the Tunisian Ministry which decided to assign this certification to the company

To live an omnichannel and digital experience

Ratti has always been paying attention to the needs of its customers and is betting on digital to deliver an experience with a high emotional impact when presenting its fabrics, even without a physical presence. Perhaps the most innovative component of a technological infrastructure that multiplies the opportunities for interaction between customers and the Guanzate-based company are the HoloLens2 headsets—a tool that allows creating an environment where the physical reality of the product, other specific information players, and virtual reality features coexist. Microsoft HoloLens2 allows participants in the meeting to interact through digital contents and holograms displayed around the wearer. Developed in partnership with NASA, Hololenses are true wearable computers equipped with motion and depth sensors, cameras, and microphones to make the interaction with customers as real as possible.

At the same time, Ratti has continued digitising its historical archive, which features over one million items including fabrics, designs, and collections of samples. This upgrade process (the virtual archive does not replace the physical one, but rather complements it, enhancing the experience and making searching more effective), which is constantly evolving and improving thanks to a machine learning algorithm, allows customers to look for inspiration among over 400,000 designs—delivering an increasingly faster and more effective virtual one-to-one experience, with the opportunity to simulate the end result by rendering several clothing or furnishing models.

Among other goals, by exploring augmented reality environments and live connections, Ratti seeks to develop a collaborative creativity and product development process using simple and accessible tools with the required functionality. These include a work platform that serves as a true virtual desk shared with customers, combining the company’s creative skills with digital ones in creating, modifying, and eventually approving the designs proposed by the style office.

Ratti and Valextra

For the first edition of Milan Fashion Digital Week, Valextra has created an installation in collaboration with Ratti, presented in the Via Manzoni flagship store and through a short film. Sailing Through Times tells the story of an imaginary sea journey, featuring Valextra’s most iconic bag, the Iside, as sailing boats. With its rigid, architectural trapeze shape, the Iside has become Valextra’s most popular model and a symbol of its craftsmanship prowess, design-focused and uncompromising approach, and timeless attitude to style.

Ratti and Valextra share many things in common: both founded between the two World Wars in Lombardia, by stubborn and visionary entrepreneurs who rooted their companies in creativity, innovation, quality and craftmanship excellence. This shared heritage led us to remain on top of our game for so many decades and respected by the industry as the best in class.

The Sailing Through Times installation combines 10 colorful graphic sails selected among patterns from the 60s, 70s and 80s, found in the rich Ratti archives. The sails accompany over 300 different Iside bags (featuring over 45 colours and 4 sizes), as symbol of sailing boats facing the sea.

The Ratti silk pieces represent friendly sails helping Valextra navigate through today’s troubled waters, colorfully blowing in the wind and leading us towards new, exciting adventures. Sailing through times, through the good and difficult ones, together.

Watch the video: Sailing through times