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Blossom Prèmiere Vision 2017

The 12th and 13th December 2017 Ratti presented in advance the new spring summer textile collection at Blossom Première Vision in Paris, the trade show dedicated to top luxury textile market.

This is not just an appointment to show the collection but also an occasion to discover the art of printing on fabric. Everyone can discover and create prints from traditional plates with the help of Ratti. A special experience, a unique immersion in this artisanal know-how. An invitation to step behind the scenes of fashion!

Ratti owns a large collection of wood printing plates. These archives, acquired in the 1970s, recount the history of pre-1900 textile designs. The wood and copper plates are veritable masterpieces of traditional craftsmanship.

“Today as in the past, breathing life into silk is an art.”

“This is a way to share our world and our passion for our work. For us, that means paying considerable attention to detail at every step of making our products, in order to achieve the best quality. Researching, studying, experimenting with new production techniques, new printing processes, new fabric collections to inspire designers. Working for the client, working with the client, by designing fabrics together and by offering exclusivity and a high level of customisation. Capturing the zeitgeist. Take inspiration from the past and reinterpreting it in new ways.”

“Breathing life into silk is an art, today just as it was yesterday.” These words from Antonio Ratti have shaped the special quality of the company, conveying a strong symbol of a unique and irreplaceable culture, built over decades of activity. A world built on a search for beauty, for what is created today and for what will be created tomorrow. The search for beauty is a daily commitment on the part of those who work inside the company at every level, from designers to management, from marketing to production. In each creative act, in each department, at each moment of contact with the outside world, beauty is the value that guides choices, actions, behaviour.”

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12 & 13 DECEMBER 2017,  




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