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Our AD, Sergio Tamborini, has been appointed as the new president of Sistema Moda Italia.

The general council of Sistema Moda Italia, which met on Thursday 8 April, unanimously voted Sergio Tamborini’s single candidacy for the presidency of SMI for the four-year period 2021-2025.

The next meeting of SMI, scheduled for the end of September 2021, will have to approve the confirmation of the designated president.

Sistema Moda Italia is the largest worldwide organization representing the textile and fashion industries of the western world and represents a sector that, with just under 400,000 employees and 40,000 companies, constitutes a fundamental component of the Italian economic and manufacturing fabric.

Ratti silks protagonists of the Ferragamo exhibition

The magic of silk is interpreted by the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum as a story of passion and beauty.

The SETA exhibition aims to tell the perfect union between creative flair and craftsmanship excellence, including by Ratti, who is behind the production of these exclusive accessories.

In fact, Italy has always distinguished itself in silk production. Since the 1930s, the city of Como has excelled in silk printing, contributing to the spread of “Made in Italy”.

Today, the printing of Ferragamo scarves is made in Como, by different textile industries, such as Ratti, chosen, from time to time, on the basis of the specialties in which they excel.

The exhibition is divided into four sections: the exotic world and the East, the flowers, animals and historical shoes made by Salvatore Ferragamo, to conclude, then, with the visualization of how these scarves, and therefore these inspirations, coexisted with the world of clothing.

SETA celebrates the happy intuition of Fulvia Ferragamo, who inherited the passion of her father Salvatore in the early 1970s by starting a continuous production of scarves and textile accessories animated by virtuous motifs, dreamlike scenes and imaginative patchworks made with rare skill. Objects of desire and true works of art rich in symbolism and influences from every country in the world, these extraordinary masterpieces project Ferragamo’s infinite creativity and craftsmanship excellence into that indissoluble link between fashion, art and culture that still deeply inspires today the ethics and aesthetics of the maison

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Below some scarves made by Ratti for Salvatore Ferragamo: 


Recognition for Ratti by the WHP program.

Ratti received, for the second consecutive year, the recognition of “Best workplace that promotes the health and well-being of workers” by the WHP program which operates in collaboration with the Regione Lombardia and Agenzia di Tutela della Salute (ATS) Insubria.

The path to which Ratti has adhered has as its main objectives the introduction of healthy processes in the workplace in order to improve the health of its employees. In particular, great attention was paid to the prevention of critical factors such as: incorrect nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, and, last but not least, the issue of work / life balance.

Through these choices, Ratti has always tried to identify new issues to approach, subsequently outlining paths, strategies and objectives that move to the full advantage of people’s well-being, demonstrating how each decision underlines the importance and centrality that people as assets have for the Group.

In a year like this, it becomes essential to anticipate and to interpret needs and concerns that bind health and economy into a single problem that has to be faced and solved.  It’s a must to give value to work in its essence and to do everything possible to protect our people with the value that they express every day.

R Domus – our home décor division

R Domus collections offer an infinite range of possibilities, the result of the Group’s tradition and a constant dialogue with the world of design, where experimentation and design trends become an important plot for each creation dedicated to textile publishers, global wholesalers and contract.

R Domus has also been able to find a new balance between innovation and concreteness also in the study and creation of the customers’ windows, translating ideas into interior design projects through fabrics, cushions and furnishing elements.

R Domus fabrics

It is a secret thread that unites the R Domus collections. A thread that connects the tactile emotion of the fabric to the logic of the taste and needs of its customers. In doing so, the new fabrics are presented in a complete way to meet all needs with a series of proposals to be read as the confirmation of that style and research that has always characterized the furniture division of Ratti.

R Domus fabrics satisfy the classic canons of Italian taste, while adapting them to a contemporary style to accommodate the growing dynamism of the design world and its deep-rooted need to be performing and, last but not least, perfectly beautiful.




Our philosophy has always been built on a strong enhancement of artisanal and cultural resources, as well as on investments in sustainability, technology and research in order to be able to respond to the needs of a market from which more and more requests for clarity and transparency come. With this in mind, design investments and production choices have been guided in order to always seek sustainable solutions, making our headquarters in Guanzate an arena of real experimentation between innovation and product, in which the new Second Life project finds concreteness.


Formulated on the basis of specific application needs, this new sustainable wadding is created by reusing/recycling silk fibres, setting a new standard in the world of sports and casualwear. This is the perfect answer that enriches and diversifies the offer for a market that requires increasingly sustainable products, also ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Designed by the Ratti and Freudenberg research and development team, 2ndLIFE FIBERS transforms reused/recycled silk into insulation with excellent technical performance while establishing a versatile connection to the outdoors, whether mountain peaks or the greenery of a city park.

This unique, light and breathable wadding is an innovative insulator capable of balancing thermal comfort inside the garment. 2ndLIFE FIBERS pushes the classic concept of outdoor clothing to create a sustainable, season-less product. By reusing and recycling noble fibres, Ratti and Freudenberg confirm their interest in sustainability and environmental issues, going beyond the most complete respect for the rules of circular economy, with the primary goal of minimising environmental impact.



Ratti Select – Online the new menswear selection S/S22

Burning man – The basic idea of ​​the new fabrics in the collection is based on the contamination between light-heartedness and neo-hippy aesthetics, in which more libertarian echoes of the homonymous festival are grafted onto the floral vintage theme. An infinite sequence of sun and stars that eludes conformity and gives space to the uniqueness of each.

Archive – It is time to look at the present with a good dose of inspiration, but starting from the origins of the archive to reinterpret the stylistic codes. A leap in time to give life to a new way of dressing and creating a new aesthetic. The collection follows this sap, focuses on a reinterpretation in which original elements fulfill new functions in an exchange of graphics, colors and materials.

Yachting – “..and being shipwrecked is sweet in this sea” this is the opening words of the Yachting collection for an “infinite” game of anchors, life jackets and seafaring atmospheres. It is these elements, with their extraordinary decorative beauty expressed through fresh colors ranging from blue to pastel shades of orange and pink, that build the texture of these new fabrics. A collection that mixes sartorial construction with designs found in naval academies.

Ratti select - online

Ratti Select – On line the new proposals

Ratti chooses, through its RattiSelect website, to go beyond the tactile component and focus on the visual one to present a new offer of feminine fabrics with their strong emotional impact.

Three are the lines explored: Ariel, Spice and Alice.

Ariel – It is the story of a summer trip that reminds a free elegance, with prints that evoke lush tropical scenery where red, in all its shades, is the passpartout of this eden. Graphic details and a sea of satin create a relaxed but well-defined allure.

Spice – It is the 90s with brushstrokes of fluo and acidic colors that give a boost of energy to the mood of the collection for a series of fabrics with an urban and pop soul to reinterpret according to their individuality. Freedom prevails over construction as an antidote to the present time.

Alice – A digital immersion in a utopian world, created starting from Lewis Carroll’s drawings, where flowers, paintings and skins make their entrance in a perpetual vortex. It’s a kaleidoscope made of bright colors and fantastic graphisms to break away from the real and give vent to the imagination


GreenItaly 2020: Ratti among the sustainable companies

Ratti has been included in the eleventh edition of GreenItaly 2020, the report on the Green Economy published, as every year, by Symbola, the Italian Quality Foundation and UnionCamere, with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment.

With 77,691 companies, Lombardy is in first place in Italy in the ranking regional by absolute number of companies that have invested, or will invest within the year, in green technologies, “as the best response to the crisis we are going through, thus demonstrating that we can lead an Italy ready for recovery found” as the report itself mentions.

GreenItaly is a report conducted annually on the value of the Green Economy that tells how Italy has been able to take up the great environmental challenges in the field of innovation and research, developing economic value for companies and the country.

Since 2010 “GreenItaly” is an indispensable tool for knowing numbers, territories and sectors of the Italian green economy, but above all to analyze and understand the leading role that Made in Italy can play in the market international by focusing on sustainability.

We will hug again

This year, made of problems and obstacles, let us understand the importance of relationships, expressed through a simple hug or a handshake: all gestures, that before the first lockdown, were taken for granted but now are more like a illusion.

For sure, we will  get back to normal but, in the meantime, among facemasks, sanitizing gel and restricted meetings the only way to express our feelings is through a greeting card, a little thought or a simple whatsapp voicemail. Unfortunately pixel can’t be touch, but technology is useful to let us relive a moment and bring up our memories or emotions.  Nothing is better to strengthen a relationship, but then…we will hug again.

New year’s colors: ultimate gray and illuminating.

On one side, the reassuring shade of ultimate gray while on the other the energy released from the Illuminating yellow. This, the decision of the Pantone Colour Institute, that also this year, traced the path of 2021 essence in fashion, accessories and next future design.

Pantone 13-0647 illuminating is a yellow in its more shining tone, warm and intense like a sunbeam, while pantone 17-5104 ultimate gray is like the colour of pebbles on a beach or those natural elements with their innate resilience and ability to resist time.

The mix of these two colours, only apparently apart, will show how even opposite elements may give birth and express the spirit of the next 12 months of 2021. Concrete and tough months but at the same time, warm and full of confidence to express all the energy and positivity that we all deserve.