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Ratti on Amazon and Alibaba with XChannel

In the first two quarters of 2021, XChannel, a consulting company in Italy specializing in marketing and cross-channel communication strategies, optimized Ratti’s landing on the Amazon and Alibaba marketplaces for the Wax fabric collection.

On the Amazon portal, the company helped Ratti to implement the presence of the Wax proposal in the main European countries and in the United States, already present in the Made in Italy showcase of Amazon.

The synergy between Ratti and XChannel, two realities moved by the same cardinal principles, has brought important results. Both Ratti and the consulting company have always placed the needs of the consumer at the center of their approach, be it an end customer or a distributor. In this way they can offer increasingly innovative experiences in order to create an effective and efficient customer experience.

Along with the restyling of the product pages, the Store Brand was also updated for each marketplace.

The importance of having a showcase in the Amazon marketplace is essential to have a concrete impact on sales: the Ratti Store Brand for Italy had an incidence of + 37% on the total sales of the account.

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Ratti impiannti fotovoltaici

The adoption of renewable energy and the energy efficiency improvement.

In 2020 Ratti finalized a series of interventions for the reduction of energy consumption and greater comfort in the workplace, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and improving its environmental performances.

The lighting system was modified with the installation of LED lights on all 48,000 square meters of the production site.

In addition, new solar panels have been installed, with an increase in power from 801.35 kw to 1082.09 kw.

From January 2020 Ratti has been purchasing 100% green electricity.

Ratti collaborates on the project organized by Telefono Donna Como to say no to violence.

Together with other textile companies from Como, Ratti worked in collaboration with the association Telefono Donna Como on the contest named “Cambiare con la Moda”, changing with fashion, addressed to high school students of Instituto Cometa, I.S.I.S Paolo Carcano and Centro Studi Casnati.

The contest was planned together with Soroptmist Club Como e the shelter for women victims of abuses L’Una e Le Altre to spread messages of non violence, equality and sustainability through fashion creating also a great synergy between the worlds of volunteering, school and work.

The projects were examined by a special commission, in which Ratti was present, that chose the three best creations that stood out for their authenticity, quality of design and more importantly for the message they conveyed. The award ceremony was held in Palazzo Terragni on May 29th 2021 and had as one of the winners Elisa Lietti, a student of Istituto I.S.I.S Paolo Carcano, who realized her foulard with Ratti.

Ratti and the other businesses who took part in the project provided students with fabrics to realize their projects, some of which will get the chance to be produced.

The event left a lot of positive vibes among students and promoters that in this way try to raise awareness and sensitize on delicate issues such as violence against women and gender education with the finest self-expression through their textile works.

The Ratti library is a vital place for the research of our customers, style managers and designers

The Ratti library collects over 14,000 volumes from all over the world and is continuously fed. 

Inside there are rare books, monographs by artists, exhibition catalogs, photographic volumes, studies on color.

The topics are many: decoration, ornamental designs with original prints, schools of painting and architecture, theater and cinema.

 The library also houses an important collection of over a thousand ancient, vintage and modern textile documents, ranging from the mid-nineteenth century to the eighties. Their content is extremely varied: from fabrics for women’s clothing to ribbons, from neckwear to miscellaneous volumes. They are mainly of French origin. In this period Lyon was the production center of excellence for operated silks. 

The consultation of our archives is a vital moment for the research of customers, style managers, designers. 

Our Sustainability Report 2020 is online

For four years, our Group has chosen to share the results achieved in the field of sustainability with its stakeholders, illustrating, through its report, the initiatives implemented to monitor and reduce environmental impacts, be they process or product, as well as that the enhancement of the professionalism of all the people who work in the company, safety and health in the workplace, protection of the environment and respect for the territory in which it operates.

It is a document that speaks directly and clearly, describing our commitment in the field of innovation, sustainability both socially, environmentally and economically.

As for the previous editions, the new balance sheet will be available on our website

Find out in our  SUSTAINABILITY section. 

Ratti e Mantero: a new alliance to defend the textile industry.

In a global scenario in which a strong and rapid reaction capacity is required, Ratti and Mantero return to forge an alliance pact aimed above all at the concrete defense of the supply chain.

The agreement was closed which envisages, upon the successful completion of the due diligence operations currently underway, the entry of the two historic textile companies of Como into the capital of Foto Azzurra, a company that has been working in the production since 1989 (composition, photocomposition and photoengraving ) of supports for screen printing applied to fabrics.

After the agreement of March 2020 – in full lockdown – with which the two companies supported each other for the best management of customers, both today reaffirm the importance of creating a system. The entry into Foto Azzurra is the confirmation of how fundamental it is, in critical moments like this, to involve the entire supply chain to create new possibilities for everyone to restart and to continue to guarantee speed of service and maximum quality even when conditions do not seem to allow it.

The operation is not intended to be exclusive between the two companies but also remains open to other interested entities. The agreement will lead to greater solidity of Foto Azzurra which will continue to offer its services to the market with a view to continuous updating and technological evolution.

“We are convinced – explains Sergio Tamborini CEO of the Ratti Group – that in this period there is a need to move from words to deeds, putting in place concrete actions and projects that safeguard the operations of the supply chain and are an incentive for similar operations of other actors”.

For Franco Mantero, CEO of Mantero Seta, “Square printing has characterized the history of Mantero and Ratti and thanks to this extraordinary technique the two companies have been able to enhance Como silk. Without photoengraving there is no square print and without a square print the Como textile district would not be the same”.

For Ivan Imperial, CEO of Foto Azzurra, “Thanks to this synergy, by combining mutual professionalism we will be able to make an effective contribution to the maintenance and development of traditional printing, the flagship of the Comasco sector.”

Foto Azzurra, Mantero and Ratti have deep roots in the Como textile district and a solid heritage of history and craftsmanship that deserves to be protected and enhanced. Sharing projects and ideas through collaboration between competitors has the common goal of creating a product of excellence made in Como and wants to be a driving force for other alliances and increasingly profitable synergies