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Wax Africa Ratti

Ratti Italian Wax – Amazon

Constantly in line with the speed at which the market changes, and ready to offer, every month, fabric previews increasingly targeted to digital customers, Ratti launches a new Wax range on its page in the Made in Italy showcase of Amazon

The new collection relies on precious details to combine the iconographic culture of Sub-Saharan Africa with a future in which new textures and designs tell a feminine world where jewels embellish the clothing of queens and princesses.

It is precisely the designs of these necklaces that are the central idea of the new Wax Ratti fabrics, halfway between tradition and contemporary taste in which nobility blends with an unexpected attitude to rebellion. The result is a whirling blending of floral designs and decidedly geometric features, with a palette imbued with blue, slight touches of lacquer red and marked shades of orange, periwinkle and jade, just like a royal jewel.

Ratti is fashion-conscious and starts a new phase in its collection, which reflects a refined taste as well as the heritage of our made in Italy, successfully expressed by the colours and designs of the new Wax fabrics.