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Ratti a sustainable company

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A story with deep origins

From 1945 to the present day, our company has always stood out for its multifaceted DNA, made up of craftsmanship and innovation, stylistic research and creativity.

Passion, perseverance, and love for beauty are values that the founder, Antonio Ratti, has passed on since the beginning, giving rise to a company that loves to work with customers, to offer them exclusive and personalized fabrics and prints, with attention to every precious detail.

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Creativity and innovation take shape

Imagination is put on paper, passes through the digital and takes shape on the precious fabrics that we treat with extreme care.

Talent is innate and each hand is different, so each creation signed by Ratti is simply unique. Making original products involves study and research but, first of all, a lot of imagination: imagination is the only way to capture customer desires and turn them into reality.

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Sustainability: a primary value

Today, as the world increasingly needs our attention, we have placed sustainability at the centre of our daily operations. Energy saving, reduction of water consumption and waste produced, accurate management of discharges and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals are just some of the objectives on which we constantly work, from the initial stages throughout the production process, to the final creation. Respect, prevention and safeguarding are essential value of our corporate culture and are shared by those who, like us, care about the environment.


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The issue of sustainability has always been close to Ratti's heart and the focus of continuous improvement. In the huge
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